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What are the procedures and costs for obtaining the CCC?

To obtain the CCC certification, there are currently two different conformity assessment procedures in place. The first step, therefore, is to identify within the CCC Catalogue the specific procedure applicable to the product, after ensuring that the product fully meets all the required technical standards.

  • Third-party certification: for 75 products with high safety risks and close contact with final consumers.
  • Self-declaration: for 19 products with stable quality and low safety risk. This method is, in turn, further divided into method A (allowing type test to be done in any labs recognised by CNAS or members of ILAC + self-declaration), and method B (requiring type test to be done in specifically designated CCC labs + self-declaration). The first step is to check the CCC Catalogue to determinate which specific procedure applies to the concerned product.

The main difference between the two methods thus relates to the stricter and longer procedure for third-party certification, which involves factory inspection as well as technical evaluation by a certification agency. The entire process for third-party certification may take several months, with costs depending on various factors such as product’s components, selection of models, variations in critical components, use of spare parts and consumables, and fees if working with intermediary agencies.