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What are the procedures and costs for obtaining the CCC?

There are two different conformity assessment procedures for obtaining the CCC mark:

  • Third-party certification for 84 products with high safety risks and close contact with final consumers.
  • Self-declaration method for 19 products with stable quality and low safety risk. The self-declaration method is, in turn, divided into method A (requiring type test in any labs recognised by CNAS or members of ILAC, and self-declaration), and method B (requiring type test in specifically designated CCC labs, and self-declaration).

Therefore, first step is to check the CCC Catalogue to determinate which specific procedure applies to the concerned product.

The total cost of the certification process for the CCC depends on the specific product: the components, selection of models, variations in critical components, use of spare parts and consumables all affect the cost of certification: these can be significant, especially for small series or for spare parts. The standard fees are as follows:

  • Application fee: 500 CNY per application
  • Approval and registration fee: 800 CNY per application
  • Factory inspection fee: 2,500 CNY / person / day (plus flight tickets and accommodation for inspectors, usually shared with other factories which will also be inspected during the same inspection tour. During the COVID-19 pandemic, factory inspections are generally conducted online)
  • Product inspection fee: 90% of the amount stipulated in the NDRC’s Notice on Releasing the Compulsory Product Certification Charging Standard (Trial) (No. 38)

In total, the entire process should cost between 15,000 and 25,000 CNY. Additional costs may include consulting fees to intermediary companies assisting with the process, as well as the annual and irregular costs for certification maintenance.