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What is the China Compulsory Certificate (CCC)? What products need it?

Many types of products and services may require government approval before they can be imported in the Chinese market. One of these compulsory requirements is the China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) scheme, which applies to all products and systems – both imported and domestically manufactured – that are sold in China and that present health, safety and environmental protection risks. Any product or system that requires the CCC mark must undergo an inspection, testing and certification procedure.

CCC is required for 94 items under 16 product categories, namely: (i) wires and cables; (ii) circuit switches and electrical devices for protection and connection; (iii) low-voltage apparatus; (iv) low power motors; (v) electrical tools; (vi) electric welders; (vii) equipment for household and similar uses; (viii) electronic products and safety accessories; (ix) lighting appliances; (x) motor vehicles and safety accessories; (xi) agricultural machinery; (xii) fire products; (xiii) building material products; (xiv) children products; (xv) explosion-proof materials; and (xvi) household gas appliances. In general, it can be said that products and systems requiring CCC mark are consumer products for personal/domestic use; industrial products for commercial use usually do not require CCC mark (but must comply with other factory- or work safety-related regulations). Products with low safety risks are also generally exempted from CCC mark – such as those with low-voltage (generally <12 volts).