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How can I find the relevant Chinese standard for my product? How can I access the full texts in English?

Finding relevant Chinese standards for one product is not an easy task: it requires knowledge of China’s standardisation system and Chinese language. We strongly suggest working with professionals in this field, or to reach out to the EU SME Centre through our Ask-the-expert function for assistance.

A preliminary search can be done through the National Public Service Platform for Standards Information:  Users may try to type in the query tool the key words in English, as for each standard issued and published on the platform, the translation of the standard’s name in English is always provided. However, translations are not always entirely accurate. Alternatively, the ‘advanced search’ tool can be used for a more targeted search based on various criteria.

The full text of Chinese standards is usually published, in Chinese language, only for mandatory (GB) standards, on the dedicated platform: It is very rare that official translations in English of Chinese standards are produced, and if so, it is limited to Chinese standards which are being strongly pushed by the government to become the basis for new international standards, or for standards in countries where its exports are strong (e.g. electric vehicles in Belt and Road countries).

Basic information in English on Chinese standards for a number of sectors can be found on the Europe-China Standardisation Information Platform or the SESEC project. In some occasions, unofficial translations in English are done by foreign embassies or chambers of commerce in China. There are also unofficial databases for certain sectors, especially food and beverage.