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Are there other compulsory certification or administrative requirements in China?

CCC is not the only compulsory certification scheme in China. Other regulations in China may require certain products to comply with other industry-specific mandatory certification or administrative licensing schemes. A few examples include mining products (Mining Product Safety Approval and Certification; Explosion-proof Electrical Product Certification), mobile telecom devices (Ratio Type approval), IT equipment with encryption technology (State Cryptography Administration Licence), software (Software Copyright Certificate, ICP and MLPS filing), medical devices (Product registration, China Metrology Approval, Country of Origin Certification for pre-market approval), re-manufacturing of motor vehicle parts, etc.

Occasionally, these industry-specific mandatory certification / administrative licensing schemes may be based on recommended national standards (GB/T), instead of mandatory ones (GB). The issue with GB/T standards is that they are not promptly notified to the WTO as they should be of voluntary nature. Therefore, knowledge of and ideally compliance with key GB/T standards in one’s sector is vital to ensure smooth market access and operations.