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Meat: EU producers authorised to export to China

Exporting meat products to China is a complicated and long process. According to Chinese laws and regulations, meat products can be exported to China only after a protocol is signed with the government of the exporting country. The list of countries with active protocols for meat is available at: Exporters from countries without an active protocol cannot export to China.

If there is a protocol in place, each individual production establishment must also register on GACC’s CIFER platform, following the procedure for the so-called “high-risk products”, i.e. through recommendation from competent authorities in the country/region where they are located (see corresponding FAQ above). In short, the production establishment contacts its national competent authority, which in turn verifies the establishment’s compliance with China’s food safety requirements, and release a username and password to log in on GACC’s CIFER platform.

The establishment must complete the registration on the platform by submitting all the relevant documentation and information required. GACC will then conduct a substantive technical review, including document examination, video checking, on-site reviewing, or a combination of these. If the assessment and examination results are positive, GACC will issue the registration number and notify the competent authority in the country where the establishment is based. The whole registration process is relatively complicated and long.

The updated list of approved establishments for meat exports to China is available on the CIFER platform (click on “Registered List” on the top right corner: