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What are the general technical labelling requirements for F&B products?

Labelling and marking are among the major reasons for products exported to China getting stuck at the Chinese customs. The Chinese authorities require that all products imported and sold in China meet specific labelling and marking requirements, which are stipulated in Chinese national standards.

According to various national standards (e.g. GB 7718 for Food Labelling Standards, GB 13432, 28050 and 10344 for labelling of pre-packaged food), the main information to be included in the labels of F&B products, in Chinese language, are: specification, net content; producer name, address and contact details; name of the importer and distributor in China; table of ingredients and nutrition facts; production date, shelf life / expiration date; storage requirements; name of food additives; code of product or national standards; GACC/CIFER registration code; as well as other information required for specific F&B product categories (e.g. health food; dairy; etc). Labelling information must be submitted during the GACC/CIFER registration.