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What are the benefits of outsourcing HR management in China?

It is very common for foreign companies and organisations in China to outsource their human resources management to professional third-party agencies. In fact, China has complex labour regulations and a fast-evolving regulatory environment, which can often baffle foreign companies in the market. Outsourcing employee recruitment management means that foreign companies can reduce costs, as they will not need to hire an in-house HR team.

In some cases, such as for Representative Offices, this is the only possible way to hire and manage human resources in China. The services provided by professional HR firms in China usually include:

  • HR outsourcing/dispatching Chinese staff to representative offices;
  • Personnel file transfer & management;
  • Social insurance & housing fund management;
  • Medical services & local employee welfare solutions;
  • Payroll & taxation services for local employees;
  • Recruiting services;
  • Training & development;
  • Chinese labour law consultancy.