Understanding Chinese Business Culture: Making the Right Step Early on in the Market

  • Date
    05 July 2016 - 05 July 2016
  • Beijing Time
    4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Venue
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Understanding Chinese culture is essential to doing successful business in the country.

Many companies fail in the Chinese market within a few years due to lack of cultural sensitivity, for example, they often misinterpret verbal and nonverbal signs given by their Chinese business partners and teams, and misunderstand the intention and emotions behind.

Knowing the differences and similarities in Chinese values, behaviours and thinking patterns can help you make more informed business decisions and improve communication efficiency in your organisation in this increasingly competitive market.

This webinar will guide you through the essential aspects of effective intercultural business communications in China and reveal common mistakes often made by international companies.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The basics of Chinese business culture: values, behaviours and thinking patterns;
  • Tips for effective intercultural business communication in China;
  • How to avoid common communication mistakes and misunderstanding.

About the speaker

Peter Pronk

Interim General Manager & Vice President of the Board of Directors, Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China, Beijing

Chief Executive Officer, Beijing 1421 Business Consulting Company, Ltd.

Inspired by the signs of Chinese companies that are exploring business outside of China’s borders, Peter together with associates started the company Beijing 1421 Business Consulting (1421) to facilitate business development and relationships between China and the West. 1421 offers a one-stop solution for enterprises prior to and during their process of communicating and doing business with enterprises which do not share the same cultural/habit background.

You can find the recorded video on Youtube:

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