Social Media Strategies for China

  • Date
    05 July 2019 - 05 July 2019
  • Beijing Time
    All Day - All Day
  • Venue

China is now classed as a Middle-Income nation, with a continuous move from rural to urban area. The urban population now counts 800 million people which nearly matches with the number of mobile internet users: 802 million.

Chinese netizensare extremely active on the internet, embracing the advent of social media, interacting and creating millions of searches and conversations daily.

When looking at the way marketing is done in China, it is worth noticing that the buying process has shifted from individual to social. Customers pay more attention to their social circle when making a decision.

How to target your audience in China?

This two-parts webinar provides a background of China’s e-commerce market overview and a brief overview of the main social media platforms, their market share and users base, particularly focusing on WeChat as a marketing tool for your business marketing strategy.

Moreover, it will introduce the concept of digital marketing and the shift from traditional to digital marketing in China. Lastly, it will provide the case study of Sennheiser and how the brand has adapted to the diverse social media ecosystem.

Learn the best practices to market your product in China!

You can find the recorded video on Youtube. To download the slides please login.

About the Speakers

Paul McNeill, Managing Partner, Resonance

With more than 20 years of thinking about how to reach and communicate with audiences both in Europe and across Asia-Pacific, Paul has focused his energies on building deep knowledge of the inner workings of the Chinese media industry and broader Chinese market place through academic studies and working within the Chinese media Industry at large global communication groups. Paul founded Skye Media to ensure that his knowledge remains on the cutting edge, by creating a nimble, smart agency that provides best in class services in the unique eco-system that is the Chinese social media environment.

Pierre Eloy, Managing Director, Sennheiser Greater China

20 years in China managing foreign investments (manufacturing & sales). He holds a Kellogg MBA and is the Chair of the Board at the EU SME Centre.


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