Policy Meeting on China’s Two Sessions and President Xi Jinping’s Speech on US-China-EU Relations in Davos

  • Date
    24 March 2017 - 24 March 2017
  • Beijing Time
    9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Venue
    QING V Room, 5th Floor, Four Seasons Hotel, 48 Liang Ma Qiao Road
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The EU SME Centre and European Union Chamber of Commerce in China will be organising a Policy Meeting on 24th March 2017, 09:00 AM-11:00 PM, which will focus on China’s Two Sessions and President Xi Jinping’s Speech on US-China-EU Relations in Davos.

Given the current global dynamic, it was no wonder that Xi Jinping was at centre stage and that the US-China dynamic was the primary topic of discussion at Davos this year. The most capitalist nation on Earth is creating trade barriers, while the world’s largest Communist nation is championing the cause of free trade. At Davos, China was pushing its global initiatives, including the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, and The New Silk Road, China’s massive infrastructure development plan which will link China’s North Western city of Kashgar with Central Asia, South Asia, and the oil fields of the Middle East. Xi Jinping argued at Davos that globalisation has made the world richer. Globalisation has certainly made China richer through its slew of investments and acquisitions across the globe.

And recently, the annual political sessions in China drew worldwide attention again, however, the Two Sessions (NPC&CPPCC), and what they entail, are not fully understood by many Chinese and overseas observers. As the meetings were just closed, we will have the honour and pleasure to welcome Mr Bruce Fu, Director of APCO Worldwide and Ms Dan Wang from the Economist Intelligence Unit to speak about the China’s Two Sessions and President Xi Jinping’s speech on US-China-EU Relations in Davos.


08:30-09:00 – Registration & Networking

09:00-09:05 – Opening Remarks: EU SME Centre, Mr Xavier-Lluis Sans Powell, Senior Policy & Advocacy Manager, EU SME Centre

09:05-09:35 – Presentation on Two Sessions, Mr Bruce Fu, Director, APCO Worldwide

09:35-10:05 – Presentation on US-China-EU Relations, Ms Dan Wang, The Economist Intelligence Unit

10:05-10:35 – Panel Discussion

10:35-11:00 – Q&A

Speaker Bio

Mr Bruce Fu

Director, APCO Worldwide

Bruce Fu is a director in APCO Worldwide’s based in Beijing. He has a deep knowledge of China’s technical standards, IPR, and competition-related issues in the ICT sector. At APCO, MrFu provides clients with counsel on government relations building, operations management, stakeholder engagement and market entry strategy. Prior to joining APCO, Mr Fu was a business manager at the European Chamber, where he worked closely with the European telecommunications industry by lobbying China’s telecommunications policies and regulations. He worked closely with ICT Working Group members on telecommunications regulatory policies and TBT/Standards. He also directly engaged with Chinese authorities on antitrust issues related to implementing rules of Chinese anti-monopoly law. MrFu currently serves as the Vice Chair of ICT Working Group of EU Chamber of Commerce in China. He obtained master’s degrees in European studies and European modern history from the Catholic University of Leuven. He is fluent in English and Chinese and speaks intermediate French.

Ms Dan Wang

Analyst, Economist Intelligence Unit

Ms Dan Wang is an analyst in The Economist Intelligence Unit. She is responsible for analytical reports on the regional development and white papers providing the latest insights on the Chinese economy. She is also involved in modelling short- and long-term forecasts of key regional indicators. Before joining the EIU, Dan was a post-doctoral fellow in the Chinese Academy of Sciences as an economist. She led projects to evaluate the development of China’s livestock industry and agricultural policy, and was heavily involved in assessing the National Clean-Water projects. Dan holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Washington, where she specialised in econometrics, natural resources and environmental economics.

Registration and Cancellation

Attendance to this event is by invitation only.

This is a closed meeting open to consortium partners management and relevant stakeholders of EU SME Centre Phase II including embassies or consulates only.

If you meet the criteria and would like to attend, please send your information MrDavof Xu at dxu@europeanchamber.com.cn with a subject line and your information by COB 14:00, 23th March, Thursday. You will receive a confirmation email. Maximum of two representatives from each stakeholder are allowed.

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