Mobile, Social Media and Artificial Intelligence Innovation Brokerage Event & Conference

  • Date
    29 March 2018 - 29 March 2018
  • Beijing Time
    9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Venue
    Engine Shed Station Approach, Bristol BS1 6QH, UK
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Together with GWE BUSINESS WEST LTD, the EU SME Centre is involved as co-organiser of the Mobile, Social Media and Artificial Intelligence Innovation Brokerage Event & Conference on 29th March 2018 in Bristol, UK.

The event will be made up of various elements including:

Keynotes – 8 world class keynotes exclusively attended by senior delegates help cultivate opportunities with maximum impact. They provide thought-provoking content to inspire digital transformation.

Matchmaking – The event will see a day of one to one matchmaking sessions, bringing together senior decision makers to establish collaborations.

Masterclass – Deep learning sessions focusing on qualified industry challenges. Attended by up to 80 senior decision makers from major brands and organisations. They go deep on sector-specific challenges and the solutions that can future-proof marketers and business leaders in the face of disruption.

Roundtables & Panels – Get even closer to senior decision makers with a series of bespoke roundtables and panels throughout the day. Digital disruption? Cloud migration? Data mobilisation? We are bringing leaders together to discuss and evolve.

Exhibition: Enjoy exposure to 2,000 OiConf senior attendees and decision makers. This is your chance to sell products and services to highly targeted, engaged visitors, face to face.

  • Introducing AiConf

AiConf will be welcomed as part of Europe’s fastest growing digital marketing and technology event, The Online Influence Conference.

AiConf is an intimate series of seminars and panel discussions for marketing leaders designed to spark mission-critical insights and dialogue into how AI and machine learning is revolutionisingthe digital marketing landscape.

AiConf connects technologists and innovators with business and marketing leaders looking to harness the power of artificial intelligence for their organisations. Empowering our community with the knowledge and technologies to help them grow their businesses.

Post sessions delegates are invited to come and engage with the leading players showcasing their products, services, platforms and solutions in our interactive exhibition. Meet with established industry leaders and startups who are set to change our industry.

AiConf has four key pillars of discussion that will explore; Innovation & Core Technologies, Security, Privacy & Regulation, Marketing, Advertising & Sales and Personal Assistants & Bots.

The company running the entire event have run previous versions of the event successfully in Cardiff, with previous years seeing delegate numbers of around 1300. The larger venue provides a larger

For more information please visit the website

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