How to Sell Software to China

  • Date
    07 April 2022 - 07 April 2022
  • Beijing Time
    4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Venue
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Like most of its online activity, China regulates its online environment very strictly. To create a website, sell a software or publish a mobile app, a company may need licensing, registration, and authorisation from the authorities. In addition, major laws and rules in terms of data security and personal information protection came into forced in 2021, tightening the conditions for cross-border data transfer and increasing the compliance costs for foreign companies.

This webinar is directed to European companies that are either interested in exporting their software to China or need their software to be available in China in order to support their business in the country. Specifically, the webinar will cover the following aspects:

  • Compliance: the licenses, filings, and certificates that are necessary to sell software in China, and the laws and regulations that you’ll need to comply with.
  • Localisation: all aspects of localisation including: testing, translation, hosting, monetization, and customer support.
  • Sales channels: the various sales channels available to you including: direct sales, partnerships, distributors, enterprise sales, and e-commerce platforms.


You can find the recorded webinar on YouTube here:

About the speaker:

Rich Bishop, Co-Founder & CEO, AppInChina

Rich Bishop is the co-founder of AppInChina, a leading publisher and operator of international software in China. Founded in 2013, AppInChina now publishes over 300 of the world’s most popular softwares in the Chinese market.

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