Foro de Tourismo España China 第一届中西旅游论坛

  • Date
    22 September 2016 - 23 September 2016
  • Beijing Time
    All Day - All Day
  • Venue
    Renaissance Hotel

China, with 107 million travellers abroad in 2014(+19.49%), is the world’s largest source of outbound tourists, and the biggest spender. Spain, while being the world’s 3rd top receiver of tourists in 2014, only ranked 9th in Europe (25th in the world) in terms of Chinese tourists received. There is a great spread between Spain’s global ranking and its specific ranking for Chinese tourists. Spain must cover that spread in order to reach its right place, which means great business opportunity in the short and the long term.

What is FOTEC

FOTEC(Foro de Tourismo España China) is a B2B forum that brings together the Spanish inbound tourism sector with the Chinese outbound sector and a B2C showroom of the Spanish inbound tourism sector for Chinese FIT. Through institutional meetings, business meetings, public showroom and specialized seminars & presentations, FOTEC will help on both sides to close deals & partnerships and strengthen institutional links, as well as create awareness among independent travellers. In the long run, the goal of FOTEC is to increase the flow of Chinese tourists to Spain, by connecting the Spanish opportunities with Chinese operators as well as increasing the awareness of Spain’s attractive and touristic possibilities among Chinese tourists.

*The EU SME Centre will also present in the FOTEC events, sign up on our website to get updated information in newsletters.

Participants from Spain

Companies and official institutions that want to introduce their destination, product, experience or service to Chinese outbound tourism operators and professionals, as well as to Chinese independent travellers.

Participants from China

Tour operators, travel agents, facilitators, decision makers, lifestyle and tourism media, opinion leaders and selected independent travellers.


Day 1

– Opening Ceremony and Official Meeting between Chinese and Spanish authorities

– B2B Meetings

– Professional Seminars: about different tourism specialized areas, conducted by guest institutions, sponsors, and exhibitors

Day 2

– B2B Meetings

– B2C Activities: interactions with independent travellers(FIT), Spanish culture exhibition, tasting of typical products, raffle and special promotions.

– Professional Seminars: about different tourism specialized areas, conducted by guest institutions, sponsors, and exhibitors

To contact FOTEC on participation details and sponsorship:



C/Santa María Magdalena 10-12, 2ª planta

28016 Madrid

+34 902995017

+34 620208503



Office 1509 JingAn China Tower,

1701 West Beijing Road

200040 Shanghai

+86 21 62884788


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