Expert Meeting on Food Security in China

  • Date
    11 June 2015 - 11 June 2015
  • Beijing Time
    All Day - All Day
  • Venue
    Science Center Museo Leonardo da Vinci, Milan or WTC Malpensa

The EU SME Centre and Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion (NCH) invite you to join the expert meeting on Food Security in China on June 11th at the World Expo in Milan, which is a part of NCH’s programme on Food Security for Sustainable Food Safety.

About the Programme

The expert meeting “Food Security for Sustainable Food Safety” deals with the challenges of the rapidly urbanising world to keep food production and distribution systems efficient, while sustaining standards. Defective systems result in suboptimal performance levels and losses in both economic and nutritional value.

The expert meeting will share and discuss the deployment of different methodologies to manage food quality and food security, including source identification and traceability. Integrated agro-logistics concepts (post-harvest management) are the backbone of good performing (inter-)national agro-food chains and enable the agro & food sector to provide good quality and safe food products in a cost-effective and resource sustainable way.

To learn more about the programme, click here.


Fee: The fee for the expert meeting, including catering and lunch, is € 495,00 per participant, excluding VAT. There is a maximum of 24 participants per expert meeting.

For further information and registration please contact Mrs. Yvonne Wigchert at NCH: email or telephone 0031 70 3441523.

Below is an overview of the scheduled expert meetings.

China / NL / EU / – 11 June

Central and Latin America and Caribbean (CELAC) / NL / EU – 14 June

Japan / NL / EU – 12 July

Sub Saharan Africa / NL / EU – 20 September

South East Asia (ASEAN) / NL / EU – 01 October

Why Exploring the Dutch way

The Netherlands is one of the most internationalised countries in the world, a leading supplier – and the world’s second largest exporter – of sustainable, healthy agro-food products.

This strong position for a relatively small country is built on a strategic vision to create global value chains for breeding, production, upgrading and supply of agro & food products. Partnership with Dutch companies can be an excellent strategic move for agro & food companies from other countries. Dutch partnerships can help agro & food companies to get access to technology, food security concepts and inclusion in global supply chains.

In addition, Dutch companies and institutional investors have a very international investment scope. They are keen to explore new business opportunities all over the world. Taking part in the expert meeting can be a vehicle for participants to integrate in existing global value chains of food and food products.


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