China’s Food and Drink Market in 2021 – Regulatory headlines and key consumer trends

  • Date
    24 February 2021 - 24 February 2021
  • Beijing Time
    5:00 PM - 6:15 PM
  • Venue
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China finished 2020 as the only major economy recording a positive growth. Chinese consumers and businesses remain confident that the country’s economic recovery will continue steadily in 2021. China’s grocery market is the largest in Asia, and headed for a global leading position in the next few years. In post-pandemic China, consumers have the desire, ambition and – many of them – the financial means to eat healthy and indulgently, buy premium and embrace products that tell a clear traceability story. The EU and the UK have the right offer of quality premium produce with “farm to fork” narratives and brands that captivate Chinese consumers’ imagination with their heritage and innovation.

Success in the market hinges on thorough understanding of the complex regulatory environment and working with the right partner to choose the right sales channels and build communication with Chinese consumers.

In this context, this online workshop will present a regulatory roadmap for food and drink exporters to China in 2021. Specifically, the workshop will provide an overview of the F&B imports, as well as the main regulations, technical requirements and national (GB) standards unveiled in 2020 – in particular for four key product categories: (i) dairy; (ii) complementary baby food; (iii) health food; and (iv) food ingredients. An overview of the situation for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan will also be provided. Finally, the emerging consumer trends and new opportunities for European brands will be analysed.

This online briefing is for food and drink exporters, brands ambassadors, policy makers and food and drink compliance specialists based in Europe.


1. Overview of the macro-environment of China’s food importation 2. Imports performance 3. Regulations, China national (GB) standards and drafts unveiled in 2020 4. Key product categories regulatory updates – Dairy products – Complementary baby food – Health food – Food ingredients 5. Key regulatory updates for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan 6. Consumer trends and new opportunities for European food and drink brands 7. Sector events and meet the China buyer opportunities in 2021

You can find the recorded workshop on Youtube:

About the speakers:

Yilia Ye Yilia is head editor of Chemlinked food portal and also an experienced food regulation analyst at REACH24h Consulting Group. Her broad experience in the food sector in China has afforded her unique insight on key areas including China’s cross-border e-commerce, dairy products, infant formula and health food compliance and trends. She is recognized as a knowledgeable expert in food regulation sector and has delivered speeches in multiple industry conferences such as Dairy Asia Pacific Summit 2018. Ran Guo Ran leads CBBC’s Food and Drink Sector team in China to provide business support services to UK companies. Ran works closely with partner UK government departments and trade associations to deliver research reports, trade missions, and local showcasing events. She also organises and participates in sector trade shows around China. Prior to joining CBBC, Ran worked in the consulting industry in Shanghai and Beijing for six years, where she developed her specialities in primary market research, company due diligence, and competition intelligence analysis. Ran has excellent research skills and a thorough understanding of the various obstacles international companies face when entering the China market.

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