Building Construction Design in China | Opportunity and Roles For Foreign SMEs and Professionals

  • Date
    06 May 2021 - 06 May 2021
  • Beijing Time
    4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Venue
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China’s construction industry has been a driving force in the country’s economy since the 80s, in particular, the majority of the projects have been developed on urban areas. This has caught the attention of foreign architecture and engineering companies which presence in the market has been growing at an unprecedent rate since the 90s.

Foreign architects and related guilds are reputed for quality and creativity and their opportunities usually lie in the commercial real estate sector since the residential property is still dominated by local architects.

This workshop organised by the EU SME Centre, EUROCHAMBRES and Sicindustria with the support of the Ordine degli architetti pianificatori paesaggisti conservatori della provincia di Palermo and EEN allows SMEs and professionals operating in the architectural fields to identify market opportunities and set up a road map to China.

You can find the recorded webinar on Youtube:


  • Opening speech and presentation of the EU SME Centre
  • China’s business ecosystem & urban development
  • The construction market in China
  • Regulation
  • Major trends
  • Opportunities and challenges for European SMEs and professionals
  • The way to enter the market
  • Concrete cases of Europe / China cooperation
  • Conclusions
  • Q&A session

About the speakers

Massimo Bagnasco

Executive Managing Director & Partner at Progetto CMR (Beijing)

Massimo is the executive managing director of the Beijing subsidiary of Progetto CMR, a world top 100 global architectural firm headquartered in Milan with operations worldwide. Thanks to this managerial role, he has developed extensive experience in real estate development, design and government relations. Frequent speaker on urban development, architecture and technology innovation, and expert to institutions and international industries, Massimo has a extensive work experience in both western and local Chinese company in the field of architectural which makes him a real China expert. Massimo is deeply involved in EUCCC and its activities thanks to his multiple role as Vice President, executive committee member and construction sector chair.

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