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The Healthcare Market in China (2021 Update)

By EU SME Centre | Report      01.07.2021     Tags: Healthcare

This report will provide an overview of the healthcare sector in China. The first chapter focuses on the key factors and drivers that are shaping the sector in China, especially the increasingly supporting role of the Chinese government in issuing key development plans and regulations, as well as the rapidly ageing Chinese population. The second chapter provides a deeper analysis of China’s healthcare providers, in particular the number of public vs private healthcare institutions, services, beds and personnel. The third chapter is the core section of the report: it provides up-to-date information on the market, regulations, key players and market entry requirements for three subsectors: (i) pharmaceuticals; (ii) medical devices; and (iii) healthcare services. The last chapter of the report summarises the main opportunities, challenges and key success factors that European SMEs should bear in mind when exploring the highly-competitive and difficult Chinese healthcare market.

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