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The Green Tech Market in China (Update - 2017)

By EU SME Centre | Report      27.06.2017     Tags: Energy

Becoming the second largest economy in the world in just three decades has taken a toll on the quality of China’s domestic environment. Dealing with the country’s high levels of soil, water and air pollution resulting largely from the heavy reliance on fossil fuels has now become a priority for the national authorities. A new set of measures have been launched by the Chinese government in an effort to reduce the dependency on contaminating energy sources and to curb the effects of pollution. Embedded in the XIII Five Year Plan (2016-2020), those measures are expected to open opportunities for domestic and foreign players in many areas, including Conventional and Renewable Energy, Water, Air and Soil Pollution, Waste Management and others.

For an SME, mapping the opportunities and highlighting the potential threats to market entry in a sector of such complexity as China’s Green Tech is not an easy task. For this reason, and following up on our webinar Tapping into China’s Green Tech Market: Business Opportunities and Challenges for SMEs, we have updated our 2014 report and structured it in two parts:

In Part 1, we analyse in detail the Conventional and Renewable Energy segment of the Green Tech market, covering areas such as Coal, Gas, Nuclear, Oil, but also Wind, Solar, Biogas and Biomass, Waste to Energy and Waste Heat.

This report was published during the EU SME Centre in China Phase II (2014-2020), which was funded by the European Union (ICI+/2014/346-276).

The report was drafted in collaboration with external creators, who worked under service agreements with the Consortium running the EU SME Centre Phase II. The copyrights and intellectual property of this publication belong to the Consortium partner China-Britain Business Council. The latter was authorised by and acted on behalf of the Consortium running EU SME Centre in China Phase II. The China-Britain Business Council, which is currently part of the Consortium running the EU SME Centre in China Phase III, has granted the rights of use of this report to the current Consortium. The report is therefore re-published and made available during the EU SME Centre Phase III.

Key Contents


  • China 13th Five Year Plan

China Energy Sector

  • Conventional Energy: Coal, Gas, Nuclear, Oil and Business Opportunities for SMEs
  • Renewable Energy in China: Wind, Solar, Biogas, Biomass and Business Opportunities for SMEs

Entering the Chinese Green Tech Sector              

  • Approach and Partnerships
  • Understand the Market 
  • Check Your Resources   
  • Get Your Pitch Right       
  • Protect your Intellectual Property            
  • Technology Transfer Agreement 

In Part 2, we focus on Water and Environment,including areas such as Municipal and Industrial Wastewater, Sludge and Sewage Water, Rural and Agricultural Water. Air and Soil pollution and Waste management and disposal are also analysed in this report.

Key Contents

Chinese Water Sector

  • Municipal Wastewater
  • Industrial Wastewater
  • Sludge and Sewage Water
  • Rural and Agricultural Water
  • The 13th Water Five Years Plan in the Water Sector         
  • Opportunities for European SMEs in the Water Sector

Chinese Environmental Sector  

  • Air Pollution Control
  • Soil Pollution Control
  • Industrial Hazardous Waste: Hazardous Medical Waste & Electronic Hazardous Waste
  • Urbanisation Sector: The Construction Sector & Smart Cities Sector       
  • The 13th Environment Five Years Plan in the Environmental Sector        
  • Opportunities for European SMEs in the Chinese Environmental Sector

Entering in the Chinese Green Tech Sector         

  • Approach and Partnerships         
  • Understand the Market 
  • Check Your Resources   
  • Get Your Pitch Right       
  • Protect your Intellectual Property            
  • Technology Transfer Agreements

For each of these segments, we provide up to date insights on the conditions of the market, the major policies and regulations, the opportunities at product level as well as indications on the challenges SMEs are most likely to face when entering the market.

The reports end with a series of hands-on suggestions on how to best access the market, with indications on actual business practices in areas such as technology transfer, partnership with local entities, protection of IPR, and a list of the most relevant industry associations and exhibitions from this sector.

About the Author

Gianluca Ghiara, Managing Director, Geapower

Gianluca Ghiara is an independent consultant active on the Chinese Green Tech Sector for more than 10 years. He is managing director of Geapower, an engineering consulting company based in Beijing. Since 2005, Gianluca has been consulting European and Chinese companies active in the environmental protection and renewable energy fields. He has been involved in the development of almost 50 projects in the renewable energy, waste water treatment and industrial pollution control sectors.

Gianluca is Senior Expert for the European Program EC Link (Europe China Eco Cities Link) and Vice Chairman of the Environment Working Group in the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China. He is the EU SME Centre’s Senior Expert for the Green Tech Sector.

Gianluca holds an MBA from Peking University

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