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Comparing Cities on a Sectorial Level

By EU SME Centre | Report      21.07.2014     Tags: Others

In 2014, according to World Population Review, China has 59 cities with a population over 1 million, 354 cities between 100 thousand and 1 million. These cities attract the most experienced international companies and they are not mistaken. It is in these destinations, less saturated, where government has heavily invested funds in local development, where growth rates of consumption explode, that European companies will find sources of growth.


With fierce competition and the strong investment required to succeed in first tier cities, European SMEs can consider other cities in China to start their development.


“In such a vast country, where to start my activity?”


In collaboration with the French Chamber of Commerce in China, Beijing, the EU SME Centre has produced a short guideline on comparing cities. This report will contribute to answer above question by showing you some matrix that can be used depending on SMEs sector and will help you to check out destinations worth to bet on.

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