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Is China on Your Radar? (Update 2020)

By EU SME Centre | Report      05.04.2020     Tags: Others

“Is China on your radar?” is a general introduction to China’s macroeconomic framework for European SMEs looking to export to or invest in the country.

It aims to introduce China and it’s many opportunities to European entrepreneurs without concealing possible challenges and pitfalls – the goal is to enable European SMEs to objectively gauge if China is or is not the right market for their product.

From a short overview of China’s economic rise and top reasons why European SMEs should enter the market now to a closer look at China’s many (geographical and sectorial) markets as well as opportunities arising out of the 12th Five-Year Plan, it provides a realistic assessment of the status quo and attempts to pinpoint trends that will shape the future of this huge market.

In this report, you will learn:

  • Top reasons why EU SMEs must consider China
    • China is the world’s fastest growing and second largest economy
    • China is the number one growth market outside the EU for European companies
    • China’s second and third tier cities offer vast opportunities
    • A fast growing consumer market
    • European products enjoy a strong brand image in China
    • China’s economic restructuring
    • Challenges bring opportunities
    • EU SMEs in China are succeeding
    • Improved logistics
    • Ample support provided by different entities
  • China’s many markets
    • Choice of location: Things to consider
  • Opportunity knocks: The strategic emerging industries
  • Opportunities by sector
  • Key challenges for EU SMEs in China
  • European Member States supporting organisations
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