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China-Europe Game Industry Development Report (2021)

By Joint release by the National Base for International Cultural Trade (Shanghai) & Entbrains | Report      29.09.2021     Tags:

During the Europe-China Gaming & E-sports Industry Connect, which took place on 24 September 2021, organised by the EU SME Centre and China Britain Business Council, the new report 'China-Europe Game Industry Development Report (2021)' was launched. 
The report was created and released jointly by the National Base for International Cultural Trade (Shanghai) & Entbrains. Since it contains many useful insights on the Chinese gaming market, as well as current trends and opportunities for cooperation European companies, the EU SME Centre is happy to share it.
Disclaimer: This report was produced by an external source, and it's under the exclusive ownership of National Base for International Cultural Trade (Shanghai) and Entbrains. The content of the report does not reflect the views of the EU SME Centre or the European Union; the EU SME Centre is not responsible for any parts nor for any external links included in the report.

Table of Contents

I Profile of China's online game market development
1. Actual sales revenue and user scale in China's game market
2. Actual sales revenue of China's self-developed games in overseas markets
3. China's game market segmentation
4. China's game market by category
5. Performance of European representative regions in China market
II Development trend of online game market in China
1. The protection of minors has been continuously strengthened
2. The game quality is obviously enhanced
3. Emerging technologies accelerate industrial innovation and development
III Development and cooperation opportunities and trends of China-EU game industry
1. Comparison of the characteristics of Chinese and European game industry
2. Opportunities and challenges
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