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About PLUSspace International PSI 璞勒仕建筑工程股份有限公司

Client – Focused Workspace Solution One-Stop-Design Practice for Building and Interior Architecture PLUSspace have the capabilities of completing both Design & Build although often we do Only Construction part and co-operate with another design firm. We prossess all licences requiered for China! Here are examples of our recently completed projects where we have completed Construction only: l Estee Lauder – 12,000sqm l NextEv – 10,000sqm l Samsung – 3,000sqm l Borouge – 20,000sqm l Nvidia – 10,000sqm l Dentsu – 7,000sqm l SAP – 22,000sqm Why is PLUSspace a Strong Design Development & Construction Company: l We do not sub-contract our labor. All of our construction crew are directly employed by PLUSspace in-house. l We own and operate a 5,000sqm factory, this allowing us to keep great air quality on site and assure construction quality of Built-in furniture and finishes. l Follow strict International Standards in HSE, with dedicated Safety Officers at each of our project sites. l We have a dedicated Government Submissions Team to handle all of the paper work and Government approvals. l Centralized Procurement Team, serving South, East and North China. This allowing us source the best materials quickly and at a low price. l Dedicated Maintenance Teams. After Project Completion we have a Maintenance Team that will be on call to come to your office and fix any problems that may occur. This is included in our Extended Warranty.PLUSspace have the capabilities of completing both Design&Build although often we do Only Construction part and co-operate with another design firm. Pre-Lease Services Regardless of whether your company has operated in Asia for years or is new to the area, location is Recognizably a major decision. And a decision that can be quite confusing is the space able to accommodate all of your business requirements? Is it structurally sound? Is it affordable? Well, once the site location options have been narrowed down to a select few, PLUSspace can help to answer all of your questions. • Reviewing preliminary time schedule with client to ensure efficient results • Pre investigate with regards to MHVAC and IT cabling provisions • Pre construction management considerations • Test fit design and feasibility study provided Architectural Design/ MEP Engineering In the beginning of the planning stage, PLUSspace strives to gain a more in-depth understanding of the requirements specific to your business. Current and projected headcount expectations, company structure and organizational charts, as well as any other companyspecific needs are all taken into careful consideration. While is able to offer the industry knowledge afforded by experience, every project is recognizably unique with individual needs. Thorough analysis at this stage allows to develop greater design details –including mechanical and electrical logistics, material proposals, and comprehensive floor plan layouts. • Provide conceptual design with detailed plans, elevations, and perspectives drawings, material samples, and details of furniture and fittings • Develop approved design and then provide the relevant drawing for all local government submissions • Provide all the engineering drawings including fire/HVAC/electrical drawings Project Management In terms of project management, PLUSspace offers one point of contact for the administration of details and coordination of contributing parties. At this stage, the project manager initiates the government submission and approval process. Simultaneously, the project manager organizes IT and A/C contractors as well as material and furniture vendors. • Reviewing the preliminary time schedule with client and ensure the that is most efficient solution. During the construction term, PLUSspace implement construction management procedures to ensure timely progress of the work • Good suggestion from PLUSspace with regards to the most effective combination of contract packages for procurement and construction • Timely report if when any update change orders instructed by client during under constructions • Preview the materials to ensure the all things can meet the quality standard needs • Supervising/ controlling all the construction quality timely and submit to client by site inspection Construction PLUSspace begins the construction stage by chalking a detailed outline of the design layout. Thereby giving a more realistic feel for how the office will look and operate once completed. This crucial step ensures that requirements are mutually understood and expectations will be fulfilled. A distinct advantage to PLUSspace’s construction service is that it happens off-site and independent of contractors. By owning and operating a construction workshop, PLUSspace is able to offer increased control and flexibility over the budget, timing, and quality of every project. Additionally, any unpleasant fumes and construction hazards are able to be contained to the workshop. This allows the space to be occupied more immediately as the environmental impacts at the actual office location are minimized. Time is also saved because construction in our off-site workshop is not restricted to the evening non-working hours. ernational Supervising/ controlling all the construction quality timely and submit to client by site inspection. Sustainability and LEEE’D Air quality is an important concern in China. Hence, PLUSspace takes special measures to ensure your office is healthy and safety: • Has own factory to minimize construction on site • Completes woodwork, carpentry work off-site very early to give it time to air out before delivery on site • Uses low-VOC adhesives, paints and the likes • Recommends only materials that are proven to be friendly to the environment Post Construction Service and Warranties nce construction is completed, PLUSspace coordinates p p the final government inspections and approvals in order to provide the completion certificate in a timely manner. This certificate indicates that air quality standards and fire safety requirements have all been met and the premise is able to be occupied. • Specialty Trade Training, such as MEP, Door Security, etc. • Maintenance Manual • Warranty Services • Warranty; Material Certificates; Inspection Reports • Respond within 48 hours Upon Client’s Call Equipments Warranty & Operation Manual• As-built drawings • Emergency Response immediately • As-built drawings • Account Manager Will Proactively Contact Client Quarterly • Maintenance Training • Client’s Evaluation after each time repair • Cleaning, Maintenance Training • Extended Warranty and Facility Management Service • Equipment & Hardware Operation Training agreement for further service