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About ET2C International

Our Mission
“Our objective is to deliver long term sustainable value to our clients’ supply chains which creates cost and quality benefits to their purchase channels from China, Vietnam and India. With a focus on service, we deliver tailor-made solutions to our clients which provide an ‘at the source’ management capability.”

ET2C is a comprehensive trading company which is committed to facilitating international trade and providing businesses with access to global markets.We are a registered Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprise (FICE). We currently have approximately 300 full-time staff worldwide and have offices in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, the United Kingdom and the USA. With over 12 years of experience in sourcing from Low Cost Countries, we bring to our clients a wealth of knowledge about both manufacturing and operating in Asia.

Unlike the more traditional sourcing agents/trading houses, we look to tailor our solutions to our clients’ individual requirements. This element of flexibility together with our expertise allows us to ensure that ET2C delivers results that impact our clients’ bottom line at whatever stage of growth or development. We now plan to import and distribute in China, and have now laid the ground work of a national sales and distribution channel, so we can market and sell throughout China.