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Consulting, Due diligence, Legal Services, Quality Management (obtaining samples, accompanying the consignment to the destination, Accounting, Auditing and Tax Services, Banking and Financial Services, etc.) Green Energy Management

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About 1421 Consulting Group

1421 Consulting Group is aimed at bridging the specific gap between the West and China. We help you identify opportunities and navigate your way through China. The combination of our western colleagues with vast experience in China and our Chinese colleagues with strong understanding of the western needs and desires allow us to be able to assist you in the best possible way. Our key services are: I. LOOKING TO START A BUSINESS IN CHINA? Ready to take your first steps in China? We have developed a tailor made process that will put you on the trajectory to success. A. STEP 1 MARKET ENTRY STUDY 1421 has a team of skilled consultants which have much knowledge on many different industry sectors in China and attribute strong analytical and research competences to develop and deliver detailed and specific market consultancy to investigate, calculate the feasibility of your business plan in China. B. STEP 2 BUSINESS CONSULTANCY In any business venture it is important that you figure out what you want. In China knowing what you want is even more crucial. Having a clear strategy which defines what you expect of your adventure in China makes every step you take easier. Besides the standard reasons to write a business plan or perform a thorough market feasibility study it is especially important in negotiations with Chinese. Knowing what you want is the difference between success and failure. C. STEP 3 OFFICE FACILITATION 1421’s guest home concept helps you to start up your business in China without spending a lot of money and at the same time have a place to invite your customers and or (future) partners within a professional business environment. D. STEP 4 COMPANY REGISTRATION 1421 offers a full range of consulting and services on establishment, changing or closing of Wholly-Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOE or WOFE), Joint Ventures (JV) and Representative Offices (RO). It imperative that a proper company structure suitable to the company’s requirements is chosen. E. SUPPORTING SERVICE: LEGAL SERVICES When starting up your business in China you will inevitably deal with legal matters such as labor contracts, lease contracts, cooperation agreements, supply agreements and more. ADMINISTRATION SERVICES In China business can go very fast. To allow you to focus on your business and to make sure you will not be caught up in administrative affairs, 1421 offers their administration services. II. ALREADY STARTED A BUSINESS IN CHINA? Already have a foothold in China? We have developed a unique process to optimize success. A. STEP 1 BUSINESS SCAN: Our newest service is the Business Scan. Businesses that have joined the selective club of 20% that succeed in China after 3 years often still have a lot of room to improve. China is rapidly changing and the rules & regulations are getting stricter. Just as a regular check up at the physician is advised, we check if your company is healthy and competitive for the local market. With a team of experts we will check is all these items are up to date and will be ready for the changes in Chinese policy: • Labor contracts, lease contracts, cooperation agreements and other legal frameworks. • Company structure • Human Resource related issues • Financial check-up B. STEP 2 BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT For established companies in China there are still many challenges. When you feel you need an outsider’s look and expertise on the matter, you can change your business for the better. For established companies in China there are still many challenges. When you feel you need an outsider’s look and expertise on the matter, you can change your business for the better. C. STEP 3 CRISIS MANAGEMENT In any company there are issues that arise which can be a challenge. An outsiders help and actions can be of great help before or even after the issue has spurred out of control. 1421 has helped many companies with their start-up and development in China. D. STEP 4 LEGAL SERVICES SUPPORTING SERVICE ADMINISTRATION SERVICES QUALITY MANAGEMENT Quality control in China will always pay itself back in time. 1421 has a dedicated team of Quality Management & Control specialists which are able to assist our clients with the sourcing of all types of technological equipment and manufacturing goods from China; which follow strict global standards and accordingly to your own company’s quality control systems. 1421 is able to save a lot of time and resources for our clients as they would not need to send their own specialists to China.