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Do you have a question about doing business in China? 
As we all know, China is a very complex market. At one stage or another, every company looking to enter the Chinese market might encounter challenges or issues that require ad hoc professional assistance. These could be, for instance, how to identify and comply with product regulations and standards, how to enter China through cross-border e-commerce, how to fulfil administrative and tax obligations, how to deal with potential scammers, how to protect the company's intellectual property rights when visiting China or negotiating with potential partners, etc. For many European SMEs, dealing with this is even more challenging considering that often they have limited resources - both financial and human.
If you would like to receive free and practical advice on your particular business case for the China market, you can send an enquiry or book a time slot [below] to speak to one of our China experts in our Beijing office. All consultations are treated with the utmost confidentiality and no data will be passed to a third party.

Our expertise

We have four main areas of expertise, in which we can help and support your business' venture in China, which includes:

Business Development - Introduce key sector opportunities for European SMEs in China and potential challenges to watch out for, help you better understand the commercial environment across various industries, provide tools to develop and market your business as well as assist you to allocate service providers. 

Legal Affairs - Provide first line information on the legal environment in China, offer confidential advice on legal issues with a focus on contracts, taxation, preliminary due diligence, entry modes, payment conditions, labour, dispute settlement and access to finance. 

Standards - Help you navigate China's standards and conformity assessment procedures, smooth the way for you to get your goods, services and technology through Chinese customs and into the market. 

Human Resources - Provide information about labour regulations and employment in China

How does it work?

Through our ask-the-expert service - which provides free technical assistance service to European SMEs - the EU SME Centre receives, on a daily basis, hundreds of questions and inquiries from European SMEs in need. After sending your enquiry you will receive practical and confidential advice within 7 working days. We can provide information and advice relating to business development, market access, legal issues and HR. If you would like a physical meeting, you can book a time slot with a relevant expert to get a 30 – 40 minute face-to-face consultation. Please note that only registered companies can book consultations with our experts. To register before booking a consultation, click here.
What do you need to provide?

To make your meeting as efficient as possible, it is advisable to provide a background to your company and indication of the specific topics/questions you would like to cover.
How to send your enquiry
If you are new to our website, you need an active account for your enquiry to be answered: 
  1. Register here;
  2. You will receive an activation email once your registration has been approved (in 1-3 working days);
  3. Check your account activation email and follow the link to change your password;
  4. Login;
  5. Use the form shown on this page to submit your enquiry.
If you are a returning user, please log in first to submit your enquiry. 
What you need to know before sending in your enquiry
  • Your enquiry will not be answered until your account is activated. 
  • All your submitted information will be checked manually by the Centre staff ( within 24 hours outside of weekends and public holidays).
  • Complete company and product information (name of products, types of services, HS codes etc.) will enable our experts to better understand your business case and provide more practical advice. 
  • If your information is incomplete, you will receive another email asking for further details.
  • The EU SME Centre is a project funded by the European Union, as such we will only answer enquiries from SMEs of the EU 27 member states or Single Market Programme (SMP) participating countries. To check conditions, see here.
In order for your enquiry to be submitted please login. If you are a new user you have 24 hours to create an account. If you do not create an account or log in - your enquiry will be deleted. Please note the EU SME Centre is a project funded by the EU Commission and therefore will not be able to answer enquiries from non-EU SME companies.

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