Webinar: How can foreigners establish an office in China? Wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE) or representative office (RO)?

  • Date
    26 March 2013 - 26 March 2013
  • Beijing Time
    5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Venue
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When it comes to doing business in China, European SMEs can pick from several options, from indirect modes of entry like licensing, franchising and online selling to exporting with or without the help of local partners and investment in the form of representative offices (RO), partnerships, joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned enterprises (WFOE or WOFE). Every approach has its advantages depending on the goals and specific circumstances of individual companies.

This webinar aims at introducing the modes of entry onto the Chinese market without the help of a local partner (i.e. WFOE or RO) and will provide the following elements:

  • Short introduction of the options available for foreigners to invest in China and which strategy is most suitable for your business?
  • When is a good time to open a permanent office in China?
  • What are the practical differences between WFOE and RO?
  • What processes are involved for establishing a WFOE/RO?
  • What are the practival differences between running a WFOE or an RO, eg. administrative obligations?

You can find the recorded video on Youtube:

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