Making Sense of a Changing China – Recalibrating for the Future

  • Date
    06 July 2023
  • Beijing Time
    22:00 - 23:00
  • Brussels Time
    16:00 - 17:00
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This free event is organised by our partner the Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce.

The Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce has the pleasure to invite you to a webinar focused on “Making Sense of a Changing China – Recalibrating for the Future“. This webinar will take place on 6 July 2023 at 16h00 CEST.

Our guest speaker Mr David Hoffman, Senior Advisor, The Conference Board Asia & China Center, boasts 30 years as a resident analyst and business developer in China and as thought leader, strategy advisor, and top management consultant on a wide range of China and Asia business development and organizational effectiveness issues.

China is changing. The momentous economic transition – from investment led growth to whatever’s next – is upon us. Over slowing will be hard to arrest; indeed, many would argue it is necessary for economic balancing, and for the genesis of a new growth model. Externally, US- and EU-China geopolitical tensions are likely to remain elevated for a prolonged period, and quite possibly worsen. Both of these forces are triggering reactions by the leading group towards extreme national security vigilance, and as part of it, evermore economic control. But these reactions are both dragging on growth. And this sees the state strongly supporting local competitors to lower costs and make China more self-reliant and economically controllable. In a slowing market and with local competitors scaling, and with “geo-politization” running hot, it’s a very challenging business environment. This extraordinary confluence of developments begs European and American companies to re-think China, and recalibrate appropriately for a possibly, very different business environment looking forward.

The briefing will cover:

  • What’s happening? The big picture dynamic – economics, politics, and geopolitics.
  • Where’s it leading? Three key trends – economic transition, geopolitical competition, political reversion – implications for business.
  • What to do about it? The recalibration imperative – sizing, localisation, resets.
  • Aligning for success: with development goals, with HQ and home markets.


(Brussels Time)

16:00 – 16:05

Ms. Gwenn Sonck, Executive Director, Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce/EU-China Business Association

16:05 – 16:45

Presentation: “Making Sense of a Changing China – Recalibrating for the Future”
Mr. David Hoffman, Senior Advisor, The Conference Board Asia & China Center

16:45 – 17:00

Q&A Session

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