How to Build a Mutually Beneficial Relation with the Chinese Aviation Industry

  • Date
    23 June 2017 - 23 June 2017
  • Beijing Time
    All Day - All Day
  • Venue

China’s aviation industry grows at an annual rate of 7.9%, and will become the world’s largest market by 2034 with an estimated 1.2 billion passengers. The 13th Five-Year Plan has incorporated the target for the introduction of 50 new civil aviation airports and 2,000 general aviation airports.

However, flight operations remain a challenge, and require improved interactions with new policies, technologies and eased air-space restrictions. New targets for China’s aviation industry for the next 20 years are to introduce 6,810 new aircrafts, to train 90,000 new pilots and 76,000 new technicians.

Opportunities for EU SMEs are expanding; however, strategical planning and proactive actions need to be implemented to fully take advantage of the growth of China’s aviation industry, and ultimately to create a perfect marriage of European ingenuity and advanced technology with China’s fast growing aviation industry.

This webinar will explain how to create a mutually beneficial relation with the Chinese aviation industry, specifically in civil and general aviation programs developed by Chinese and Sino-Foreign players. Italy’s best practices will be presented to understand the results’ driven approach and the importance of the interaction between governments/institutions and industries.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Gain an insight of China’s aviation industry with the latest governmental policies;
  • Gain knowledge on the main Chinese aviation programs and players;
  • Understand the existing institution-industry programs available for EU SMEs.


  • China: A Leading Player in Aviation

One Voice, One Dream XIII Five-Years’ Plan Made in China 2025

  • Chinese Aviation Industry

Structure Forecasts Chinese Aviation Players Civil Aviation Programs General Aviation Programs Main Challenges in Chinese Aviation Opportunities for EU SMEs

  • Sino-Foreign Aviation Cooperation Programs –EU Best Practices in China

EU-China Aviation Partnership Project Italy-China Aviation & Aerospace Cooperation Agreement Opportunities for EU SMEs

  • Approach & Entry Strategy to Chinese Aviation
  • Build A Successful Relation with Chinese Aviation
  • Protect Your IP in China
  • Conclusions & Suggestions

You can find the recorded video on Youtube. To download the slides please login.

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About the Speaker

Mr. Riccardo Coli

  • Member of the Board of Directors & Secretary General, Italian Aerospace Network (IAN)
  • Coordinator of the Aviation & Aerospace Working Group (AAWG), China-Italy Chamber of Commerce – CICC
  • Member of the Aviation & Aerospace Working Group (AAWG), European Union Chamber of Commerce in China – EUCCC

Mr. Riccardo Coli has been working in the aviation & aerospace industry since 2009. He has been focusing on the development of the relations between Italy, the EU and China, with expertise in the field of aviation and aerospace industry. He has driven the launch and the development of the Italian Aerospace Network in the Asia-Pacific Region and strengthened agreements with major Chinese players and industry stakeholder in the field of: aircraft research and design; engineering and manufacturing; pilots and technicians training; airport design; management and development; and customer support. In 2014, he actively supported the achievement of the “Italy-China Cooperation Agreement for the Aviation & Aerospace Industry”, with the support of the two Countries’ Governments. Since 2015, he has taken part in the EU-China Aviation Partnership Project (APP) within the EUCCC. In March 2017, he was elected Coordinator of the CICC AAWG.


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