goAustria Spring 2020 – 4th Corporate Day in Vienna

  • Date
    12 May 2020 - 12 May 2020
  • Beijing Time
    All Day - All Day
  • Venue

Due to the great success of last year, the Global Incubator Network Austria (GIN) is pleased to announce that the 4th edition of th Austrian GIN Corporate Day will take place on 12 May, 2020.

The main aim of the event is to bring together start-ups and corporates in order to facilitate cooperation among them.

Target countries of the event are Israel, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Singapore.

Please be aware that the Austrian funding programme goAustria Spring 2020 will fund a total of 10 Incoming Start-ups from the target countries mentioned above for a 2-week internationalisation and incubation programme in Austria. Part of this programme will consist in exclusive entry to the Corporate Day and the Vienna UP’20, the biggest international startup event in Vienna.

The application for the incubation programme will close on 16 February 2020.

Apply here: https://www.whataventure.com/events/goaustriaspring2020?utm_source=gin&utm_medium=gin1&utm_content=event&utm_term=GoAustriaSpring2020&utm_campaign=GoAustriaSpring2020

To learn more about the Corporate Day: https://www.gin-austria.com/


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