Exporting F&B to China: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Date
    20 April 2023
  • Beijing Time
    16:00 - 17:30
  • Brussels Time
    10:00 - 11:30
  • Location
  • Venue
  • Open to
    All European SMEs
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A large number of European food and beverage companies in China are small and medium-enterprises. To help European SMEs succeed in the Chinese Food and Beverage market, the EU SME Centre, Aice (Associazione Italiana Commercio Estero), and Italy-China Council Foundation (ICCF) are organising a webinar that will provide insights and practical advice.

The webinar will be centred on three key areas that are crucial for SMEs looking to do business in China: the commercial channels available to SMEs, how to be in compliance with Chinese regulation, and how to protect intellectual property rights (IPR):

  • The first section will focus on the different commercial channels available to SMEs, ranging from e-commerce platforms to brick-and-mortar stores. Our experts will present the pros and cons of each channel, as well as provide tips on how to make success more likely.
  • The second focus will be on compliance with Chinese regulations, including product safety standards, labelling requirements, and customs procedures. Our experts will provide guidance on how to navigate the complex regulatory landscape in China and how to avoid costly mistakes.
  • The third goal will be to inform SMEs on how to protect IPR, providing insights into the best practices for protecting intellectual property in China and the legal options available in case of infringement.


10:00 – 10:10

Words of welcome
Presentation of the EU SME Centre
Presentation of Aice

10:10 – 10:30

How to Enter the Chinese F&B Market, Analysis of the Channels and Methods
Alessio Petino, EU SME Centre 

10:30 – 10:50

Technical Regulations, Certifications and Labelling: How to Ensure Compliance?
Arvid Tilner, EU SME Centre

10:50 – 11:20

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights in China
Elio de Tullio, IP Expert, China IP SME Helpdesk

11:20 – 11:30

Q&A and closing remarks

Alessio Petino
Business Advisor, EU SME Centre

Alessio has worked for 8+ years on various EU-funded projects in China, mainly conducting policy and regulatory analysis for European companies looking to enter or already in the Chinese market. Key focus areas: market access regulations and barriers, investment attraction policies, standards & compliance – with particular focus on R&D, tech & innovation.

Alessio joined the EU SME Centre in October 2020. He coordinates reports, guidelines and technical assistance to European SMEs; he also delivers training about different market entry approaches and engagements with China, opportunities and risks, as well as do’s and don’ts.

Arvid Tilner
Project Assistant, EU SME Centre

Arvid has started his career with the EU SME Centre and is helping and supporting SMEs by bringing transparency into the regulatory framework, policies, and standards of the Chinese market. He offers insights and market analysis by providing reports, guidelines, and articles on successful market access in China. He is one of the main authors of the EU SME Centre report Guidelines on GACC Registration for European F&B Establishments.

Arvid holds a master’s degree in management with specialisation in finance, accounting, and taxation; he focused in his master thesis on the financial implications of supervisory boards and employee representation in medium-sized (Mittelstand) businesses in Germany.

Elio De Tullio
IP Expert, China IP Helpdesk

Elio De Tullio is an Italian lawyer admitted at the bar of Bari and trade mark attorney. After 10 years of experience in IP matters, he founded in 2005 the law firm De Tullio & Partners, with offices in Rome and Bari and a liaison office in New York. Managing Partner of De Tullio & Partners, he acts as trade mark attorney in the strategic assessment of IP protection and in prosecution and opposition processes at domestic and international level. He is also a litigation lawyer before the Italian Courts specialized in Intellectual Property. He specializes on trademark, design and patent issues, from a strategy, business intelligence, competition, filing and prosecution perspective. He has written some articles on Italian and European law on intellectual property rights which have been translated into Chinese and South-East Asia languages.

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