Europe-China Gaming & E-Sports Industry Connect

  • Date
    24 September 2021 - 24 September 2021
  • Beijing Time
    2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Venue
    Online (Zoom) & The Anandi Hotel, Shanghai 上海阿纳迪酒店(上海市长宁区临虹路7号)和美厅
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The purpose of this industry connect is to help European gaming & e-sports companies interested in exploring the Chinese market, to understand the requirements, directions and needs of the Chinese gaming & esports market, and to connect with China’s biggest players in the sector, by facilitating contacts and exchanges.

Specifically, the event will be divided in two parts:

  • Presentations and roundtables on the Chinese and European gaming & e-sports sector, sharing of successful cases of cooperation between European and Chinese companies. Key highlights will be the different market access requirements as well as the market needs and preferences of gamers in Europe and China
  • Industry connect / matchmaking between European and Chinese gaming & e-sports companies interested in exploring cooperation opportunities

During the industry connect / matchmaking session, demos/videos of games from several European companies interested in cooperating will be displayed, with company representatives available online. At the same time, all other participants can actively interact with each other in the event chat, by sharing content, demos, links to their products/services as well as contact details for follow up: all European gaming & e-sports companies can attend, regardless of their previous experience with China, country of origin and size.

You can find the recorded webinar on Youtube


The event is organised in partnership with the National Base for International Cultural Trade (Shanghai), the Shanghai Online Game Association, and the Shanghai E-Sports Association. Their official and semi-governmental nature will ensure a high-level of participation and reliability of the Chinese gaming and e-sports participants. The event is also strongly supported by the European Games Developer Federation, Romanian Game Developers Association (RGDA) as well as AdvantageAustria.

Agenda 08:00 – 08:10 (CEST): Opening remarks

– Shanghai Foreign Investment Development Board (Shanghai Overseas Investment Development Board), President, Xue Feng

– EU SME Centre, Director, Renzo Isler

08:10 – 08:50 (CEST):

1. Overview of the Chinese and European gaming & e-sports market – European Game Developers Federation (EGDF), Vice President, Elisabeta Andreea Medvedovici Per – Hello Games and the Chai of Ukie, Tim Woodley

2. EU-China Gaming Industry Analytic Report 2021 – NBICT & Entbrains (Launch of EU-China Gaming Industry Comparative Study)

08:50 – 09:40 (CEST): Gaming Roundtable: Discussion about different regulations, development needs and directions between Europe and China (market access, market preference, etc.)


Yu Xiang (Gaming professional media)

Online host: Liam Jia (EU SME Centre)

– European Companies

1. EGDF (Vice President, Elisabeta Andreea Medvedovici Per)

2. Ukie (Sam Collins, Head of Commercial & Membership)

3. Nano Games (Michal Litworowski, CEO)

– Chinese Companies

1. OGA (Han Shuai, Secretary General)

2. 37 Entertainment Interactive (Jerry Lin, Vice President of Investment)

3. XD (Kahar Askar, Business Development Manager)

4. Broad & Bright Law Firm (Tang Qing, Lawyer | Partner)

09:40 – 10:30 (CEST): E-Sports roundtable: Discussion about E-Sports cooperation between EU and China


Jin Sheng

Online host: Liam Jia (EU SME Centre)

– European E-sport

1. Ukie esports group (James Dean, MD of ESL UK Ltd and co-Chair of the Ukie esports group)

2. InGAME (Dr. William Huber, Head of Centre for Excellence in Game Education in the School of Design and Informatics at Abertay University)

3. Nano Games (Michal Litworowski, CEO)

– Chinese Companies

1. SESA (Zhu Qinqin, Secretary General)

2. VSPN (Fred Moynan, International Strategic advisor)

3. JD Esports (Ying Shunjie, Competition and Training Supervisor)

10:30 – 12:00 (CEST): Industry connect and Q&A

– Livestreaming presentations / demos of games displayed for 6 European gaming / e-sports companies interested in cooperation. Companies:

Nano Games S.A. (Poland)

505 Games (Italy)


Alien Pixel Studios (Romania)

Dream Builders Studios (Romania)

Hypest Hive (Austria)

Memsource Group (Czechia)


On 22 July 2021 we held an introductionary webinar on the topic, to present to European gaming & e-sports companies the opportunities, needs and challenges for potential business cooperation with Chinese counterparts. You can find the presentations for the webinar here and you can watch the recorded webinar on YouTube here.

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