EU-China Tourism and Education Industries Connect

  • Date
    07 September 2021 - 07 September 2021
  • Beijing Time
    4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Venue
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Together with our implementing partner, the Danish Chamber of Commerce in China, the Centre is happy to invite you to join the EU-China Tourism and Education Industries Connect to be held on 7 September 2021 from 16:00-18:00 (CST). The event will take place online in extension of CIFTIS – China International Fair for Trade In Services.

The purpose of this industry connect is to help European companies within education and tourism sectors interested in exploring the Chinese market and to connect with Chinese companies in the sector by facilitating contacts and exchanges. Specifically, the event will be divided in two parts:

1: Presentations on the Chinese and European education and tourism sectors, and sharing of successful cases of cooperation between European and Chinese companies.

2: Industry Connect between European and Chinese education and tourism companies interested in exploring cooperation opportunities.

In particular, during the industry connect session, participants can actively interact with each other in the event chat, by sharing content, demos, links to their products/services as well as contact details for follow up: all European education and tourism companies can attend, regardless of their previous experience with China, country of origin and size. At the same time, during the industry connect session, European companies will be presented in detail either through pre-recorded video, or live streaming presentation.

The event is free and no costs involved at any stage.

All companies from EU member states and COSME participating countries are welcome to join. Interested companies should register on the event’s dedicated platform (link below) and fill in a set of information illustrating their strenghts, flagship products/services, and what they are looking for in/with China. Video/demos encouraged to be shared.

Interested in joining? Sign up here

Deadline for registration: 5 September 2021


16:00 – 16:15: Introduction and scene setting by EU SME Centre

16:15 – 18:00: Market introductions and company presentations through videos / live presentations

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