Developing a WeChat Strategy for Your Small Business in China | Workshop at CHat Shanghai

  • Date
    01 September 2016 - 01 September 2016
  • Beijing Time
    10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Venue
    The Place 457 Jumen Road, Unit 407, Bridge 8 Phase IV Huangpu District 上海市黄浦区局门路 457号407室,8号桥4期
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Stay Ahead of the Game in the Era of WeChat

Over 700 million people are using WeChat and more are joining every day.

Do you know how to use WeChat to connect with targeted consumers, convert them into your clients and find out what they like or dislike about your products and services? If your company is in B2B sector, are you aware that WeChat could improve your stakeholder communications and build a community to keep professional readers more engaged?

Join our WeChat workshop in Shanghai to get started in exploring this application’s full potentials in growing your business. In the workshop, you will learn:

  • How to use WeChat as an export tool;
  • How to generate demand for your brand and build your company strategy in China;
  • How long does it take and how much does all this cost?

The workshop will focus on:

  • Entry modes to China: export, cross-border, setting up a WeChat shop;
  • Chinese Consumers: how to boost your conversion rate from followers to buyers;
  • Branding: how to position your brand, protect it and take control;
  • Logistics: Who does the distribution for your WeChat shop?

Registration Fee: 388 RMB

To get 10% off for the registration fee, use the Promotion Code: 4PXTYU7W

This event only accepts in-advance sign up. Please register and pay before the event.

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  • Select ‘Day 1 – Developing a WeChat Strategy for Your Small Business – Rafael Jimenez – EU SME Centre’

Seating is limited. Register early.

Refund and Fapiao Policy

Refund can be issued upon request before 29 August 2016. 24 hrs. notice is required for tickets to be transferred under a new name. 如需退款,请于8月29日(活动开始3天前)联系主办方。如需将门票转让他人,请提前24小时通知主办方。否则,不予受理。

All fapiao (invoice) will be available either on site or delivered after the conference in line with your request on the registration page. Fapiao (invoice) cannot be issued prior to the conference. 活动所有发票可现场获取或者会议后由主办方统一寄出。会前发票请求均不予受理,请参会者谅解。

For questions regarding registration and payment, please contact Ms Nichole Zuo at

About the Expert

Rafael Jimenez, Business Development Advisor, EU SME Centre

With more than six years’ hands-on experience in managing business in China, Rafael offers advice for European SMEs in developing practical market entry strategies in the country. Following a career at senior level within the F&B and ICT industry, he arrived in China in 2009 as Director of a Spanish F&B company involved in the restaurant and trade business. He helped the company set up a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in China, ran operations for three years and led a team of more than 100 employees. More recently he was Shanghai Office Director at a Management Consultancy Firm.

About CHat Conference

CHat Shanghai will be a 2 day conference dedicated to WeChat and global messaging app trends. The top speakers and experts will come together from across China. This is a content driven conference with educational presentations and value packed discussion. A celebration of all things related to WeChat. CHat is a place to network, learn and have fun. The event will include:

  • Presentations from top WeChat marketing and technical experts
  • In-depth and practical morning workshops
  • Booth display areas featuring the latest WeChat products and services
  • Interactive WeChat activities and games
  • Panel discussions with experts, brands and WeChat KOLs
  • Drinks and networking

Click here to see the full agenda of the CHat conference.

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