China Executive Tour 2014

  • Date
    13 April 2014 - 20 April 2014
  • Beijing Time
    All Day - All Day
  • Venue

SPI opened registration to the China Executive Tour 2014 which will take place in Beijing and Guiyang between April 13th and April 20th 2014.

The one week programme includes apart from face to face meetings with selected Chinese Innovation leaders and key stakeholders, direct access to leading science parks, incubators and technology transfer organisations.

Free registration to the China (Beijing) International Technology Transfer Convention 2014, one of the largest technology transfer conferences in the world. Free round-trip from Beijing to Guiyang and local accommodation in Guiyang.

Registration Fee: 1st participant: 600€

Further Participants: 540€

Learn more information here .

Registration form can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Sara Medina (

Mariana Fernandes (


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