Build a Strong Team in China: Mastering the Art of Hiring and Training Talent

  • Date
    27 June 2023
  • Beijing Time
    16:00 - 17:30
  • Brussels Time
    10:00 - 11:30
  • Location
  • Venue
  • Open to
    All European SMEs
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In today’s competitive landscape, attracting and retaining top talent is paramount to success. Good hiring and training practices are crucial for small and medium-sized enterprises, as they have to rely on smaller teams to achieve their productivity and innovation goals. SMEs also have to deploy more active strategies to find and attract qualified candidates.

To equip SME managers with insights and strategies on how to efficiently manage their teams in China, the EU SME Centre and the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC) are organising a webinar on 27 June with on-the-ground HR experts. This event will cover the challenges faced by SMEs in identifying, attracting and retaining talent, and in creating a work environment conducive to collaboration and success.

Join us for insights into designing comprehensive training programs that cultivate a skilled and motivated workforce, driving productivity and achieving your business objectives. This webinar will provide you with practical tools to build a dynamic team, enhance staff engagement, and foster a culture of continuous learning. 

This event is free of charge and is open to all European SMEs, to partners of the EU SME Centre and members of the European Chamber. The webinar will be held in English.


16:00 – 16:05

Welcoming remarks

16:05 – 16:25

Strategies for Successful Staffing and Hiring in China
Roland Brouwer, Regional Director (Europe), Corporate & International Relations at BIPO Service

16:25 – 16:45

The Art of Training and Motivating Your Team at Your Plant
Christian Gassner, General Manager, Limoss (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd 

16:45 – 17:05

Panel discussion

Daisy Yang, Chair of European Chamber South China SME Forum; Senior Associate, D’ Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel

– Zhou Fang, National Vice Chair of the European Chamber Human Resources Working Group, Commercial Director of Bosch Shenzhen
– Roland Brouwer, Regional Director (Europe), Corporate & International Relations at BIPO Service
– Christian Gassner, Chair of the European Chamber Manufacturing Forum, General Manager of Limoss (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
– Trevor Ding, General Manager of Elrad Dongguan

17:05 – 17:25

Q&A session

17:25 – 17:30

Concluding remarks

Keynote Speakers and Panellists
Roland Brouwer
BIPO Regional Director (Europe), Corporate & International Relations

Before joining BIPO, Roland worked as Executive Director for the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and held the position of Consul of Industrial Affairs at the Netherlands consulate in Shanghai. Prior to moving to Shanghai, Roland worked as Chief Representative at the Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) in Wuhan and the Jinan & Qingdao offices for more than 4 years.  

Roland studied Chinese & Chinese culture and history at Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and received his MBA from Rotterdam Business School. Roland has a professional knowledge background, and rich work experience in the Chinese business environment. 

Christian Gassner
Limoss (Shenzhen) General Manager

Christian Gassner, a prominent figure in the manufacturing industry, holds esteemed positions as Member of the Board at the European Chamber and Chair of the Manufacturing Forum, Owner of SZmuri, and General Manager of Limoss (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. 

With over two decades of experience in production and manufacturing, Chris has honed his expertise in lean production, incorporating both theory and practical application. With deep roots in China’s manufacturing landscape for 20 years, he has dedicated himself to advancing the theory and implementation of lean production. Chris firmly believes that anyone, regardless of their position, class, or scenario, can strive to become an outstanding lean practitioner. 

As Chair of the Manufacturing Forum, Chris plays a proactive role in leading and shaping various activities. He spearheads discussions among members, providing insightful suggestions and feasible solutions on a wide range of pressing and profound industry matters. Furthermore, he actively fosters communication and collaboration between different forums within the European Chamber, facilitating engagement among diverse backgrounds. This inclusive approach ensures comprehensive perspectives and extends the boundaries of discussions to encompass a broader spectrum of insights. 

Christian Gassner epitomises excellence in the manufacturing realm, tirelessly advocating for the principles of lean production and driving transformative change within the industry. 

Zhou Fang
South China Chair of European Chamber Human Resources Working Group

Zhou Fang is Commercial Director of Bosch Shenzhen. Major field of knowledge covers strategy plan and execution, enterprise operations and joint venture collaboration. She is also South China Chair of European Chamber Human Resources Working Group.

She has experience working both for home appliances and automotive companies. She worked at Electrolux manufacturing sites in China and headquarter in Asia Pacific in the role of Secretary to JV Board, Executive Assistant to Plant Manager, Project Manager, Logistics Manager, Purchasing Manager, Import and Export Manager, and Industrial Engineering Manager. She has been working for Bosch in different locations in China and Germany in the role of plant Logistics Director, Business Field Logistics Director for Asia and North America, Operations Director and General Manager of a JV.

Daisy Yang
Chair of European Chamber SME Forum, South China Chapter

Daisy Yang has been elected as the Chair of the European Chamber SME Forum for the South China Chapter for the year 2023/2024. She is a Senior Associate at D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel and is responsible for overseeing the firm’s operations in the Greater Bay Area. With her extensive international exposure and experience, she collaborates closely with her colleagues in Vietnam and the UAE. Over the years, she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in various fields, including corporate law, labour law, outbound and inbound investments, and more. Her expertise has been instrumental in assisting numerous companies in expanding their operations in both China and overseas markets, fostering growth in local markets as well.

Throughout her career, Daisy Yang has acquired valuable experience in both the manufacturing sector and the professional consulting industry. This unique blend of backgrounds enables her to comprehend the intricacies of both domains, making her exceptionally effective in providing valuable guidance and support to her clients.

Trevor Ding
Elrad Dongguan General Manager

Trevor Ding took on the role of General Manager of Elrad Electronics (Dongguan) Co., Ltd in 2015. He has 29 years electronics manufacturing experience in different multi-national companies such as Gentherm Electronics, Tridonic Lighting Electronics, Concord Camera, etc.

Trevor graduated from Anhui University of Science and Technology and holds an MBA degree from the joint program of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Webster University.

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