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Call for Suggestions on China's 13th Five-Year Plan of the National Economic and Social Development

By EU SME Centre | Article      24.11.2015     Tags: Others

On 12 November 2015, Xinhua News Agency was authorized exclusively by the CPC Central Committee to release the Suggestions of the CPC Central Committee on Drafting the 13th Five-Year Plan of the National Economic and Social Development. You can see the full text of the Suggestions with the link hereClick here to download the English translation of the Suggestions on the 13th Five-year Plan. 
The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) then launched an online platform to receive public comments on the Suggestions. On the website of the NDRC, the public is welcomed to submit comments on the Suggestions about the following areas: 
Innovative Development
Keywords: “Three Horse Carriages for Growth” (consumption, investment and trade), Infrastructure, “Internet +”, Big Data Strategy, Modernization of Agriculture, Strengthen Industrial Capacity, Smart-manufacturing, Ocean Economy, Technology Innovation, Widespread Entrepreneurship, SOE reform, Fiscal and Taxation System Reforms, Financial System Reforms, Price Policies ……
Coordinated Development
Keywords: Coordinated Regional Development, Integration of Urban and Rural Areas, Equalizing Basic Public Services, New Urbanization, Construction of Socialist New Rural Areas, Cultural System Reforms, Nation-wide Health Fitness, Cultural Development, Internet Environment, Integration of Military and Civilians……
Green Development
Keywords: Eco-friendly Low Carbon Cyclical development, Green Consumption, Main functional areas, Bio-diversity, Energy Revolution, Energy-Conservation Plan, Environmental Governance, Ecological protection……
Open Development
Keywords: One Belt One Road (OBOR), Area Designation for Opening up, Utilizing Foreign Investment, Investment Abroad, Negative List Management System, Investment Agreement, Hong Kong-Macao Issue, International Responsibilities and Obligations, International Public Security ……
Inclusive Development
Keywords: Education, Employment, Social Security, Healthcare, Public Culture, Alleviating Poverty, Income Distribution, Philanthropy, Food Safety, Demographic Policies, Pension Services, Women’s Rights, Protection of Minors ……
Keywords: Party Development, Anti-Graft, Ethnic Groups, Religion, Chinese-expats abroad, Rule of Law, Social Governance, National Security, Planning & Institutional establishments……
We sincerely invite you to take part in the consultation process of the Suggestions.
How to Submit Your Comments 
If you would like to comment on the Suggestions through the EU SME Centre, please follow the steps: 
2. Input your comments in both English and Chinese.
3. Send the form to Mr. Xavier-Lluis Sans Powell at xavier.sans-powell@eusmecentre.org.cn by COB Wednesday, 16th December, 2015.
The comments received will be incorporated to those of the European Union Chamber of Commerce and submitted to the NDRC, with all individual company comments remaining anonymous. 
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