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All you need to know about GACC Single Window Registration for F&B Manufacturers

By EU SME Centre | Article      13.12.2021     Tags: Food & Beverages

In April 2021, China's General Administration of Customs (GAC) issued Order 248 and Order 249. These two major regulations require all overseas F&B manufacturers exporting to China to register, before 1 January 2022, on a platform designated by GAC, and to display the registration number of the label and package. Failure to do so will prevent European F&B companies to export their products to China.

As we are approaching the deadline for registration, a lot of confusion remains. Companies still have many doubts on the registration procedure for their F&B products, are encountering technical issues when register on GAC's platform, or are not entirely clear on the changes to be adopted to their labels and on what constitute 'inner package' and 'outer package'. The EU SME Centre is receiving several emails every week from European SMEs seeking assistance.

In order to make some clarity and to prevent any interruption of exports from EU SMEs to China, we have partnered up with key experts in the sector and prepared these Guidelines answering the most common questions received from EU F&B producers. We also organised a webinar on 8 December 2021, please click here to download the presentations, or click here to watch the recording.

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