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The EU SME Centre is a European Union initiative that provides a comprehensive range of hands-on support services to European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), getting them ready to do business in China.

Our team of experts provides advice and support in four areas – business development, law, standards and conformity and human resources. Collaborating with external experts worldwide, the Centre converts valuable knowledge and experience into practical business tools and services easily accessible online. From first-line advice to in-depth technical solutions, we offer services through:  

Knowledge Centre 

Our library of publications, containing over 200 comprehensive market reports, guidelines and case studies available to download from our website. 

Advice Centre 

Saving your time, money and providing reassurance that you have the right information to support your business decisions

Training Centre 

Offering training programmes both face-to-face and online to plug the knowledge and skill gaps of SMEs entering the China market. 

SME Advocacy Platform 

Providing a coherent, consistent and consolidated voice for European small businesses

To gain full access to the Centre’s services, simply sign up here to create an account.

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欧盟中小企业中心办公室位于北京,目前由六家欧洲商会联合管理,包括中国意大利商会、中国欧盟商会、意中基金会、SPI、Trade Promotion Europe、欧盟中国贸易协会

如需了解更多中心服务,欢迎访问我们的网站 www.eusmecentre.org.cn


SMEs account for 99.7% of all businesses in the EU and are acknowledged as a key source of growth, entrepreneurship, innovation, competitiveness and employment. At the same time, SMEs are typically less resourced than larger firms to address the complexities and risks of entering global markets.

For China, the European Union has allocated EUR five million to set up the EU SME Centre following a feasibility study that was carried out and confirmed that “EU SMEs would benefit from practical, hands-on business support solutions that will enable them to develop their international business in the Chinese market.” While the primary target group of the EU SME Centre are European companies, the concept is also in line with the overall EU-China SME dialogue. The establishment of the Centre promotes EU-China trade and investment relations.

The EU SME Centre helps facilitate market access for European SMEs. Specifically, the Centre assists SMEs to establish, develop and maintain commercial activities in the Chinese market – through export and investment - particularly at the crucial early stages of their market penetration strategy.

Implementing Partners

The EU SME Centre is in phase IV implemented by four consortium partners and two associated partners who, through their knowledge and experience of the China market, guide the strategic development and management of the Centre.

Through their member networks and understanding of the local market, the implementing partners bring the Centre’s complementary services to a larger number of European SMEs across Europe and China. 

Our four consortium partners are:

  • China-Italy Chamber of Commerce in China
  • European Union Chamber of Commerce in China
  • Italy-China Council Foundation
  • Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação

Our two associated partners are:

  • Trade Promotion Europe
  • EU-China Business Association