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The Green Building Component Sector in China

By EU SME Centre | Report      22.07.2014     Tags: Construction

Green building comprises only a small proportion of building in the world’s largest construction market. However, recent years have witnessed a major push towards a more sustainable society, with green building at the forefront of substantial government initiatives.


Despite the vast market potential, Western SMEs are facing a multitude of challenges when trying to enter the Chinese market with their products. One obstacle is the Chinese local framework for mandatory and voluntary product standards, regulations, and labels. The regulations are difficult to understand, lack transparent information, and change quickly. The regulative framework can be especially challenging for innovative green products in the building sector.


The goal of this report is to provide European SMEs in the green building component sector with an overview of the market, the most important government initiatives, the regulative environment for product standards – including the relevant government bodies – and the process to ensure compliance. A special emphasis has been given to green building components where no standard exists in China.

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