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POSTPONED: China International Industry Fair

By EU SME Centre | Press Article      27.08.2021     Tags:

Dear Partners and Friends,

Due to recent local COVID-19 outbreak in Shanghai, the Shanghai municipal administration has, unfortunately, decided to postpone the 23rd China International Industry Fair 2021, from 14-18 September to 1-5 December 2021. This is as response to growing coronavirus cases and to the fact that several areas in Shanghai are listed as “medium-risk areas”: this would have had a profound impact on the number of visitors flying to Shanghai and accessing the fair. 

Despite the date change, the programme of CIIF and the European SME Pavilion will remain as originally planned: the venue, our exhibitors, as well as the programme of activities within the European SME Pavilion. 

The Centre will follow the situation closely and update you on our communication channels if any new developments should arise. 

We apologise for the inconvenience, unfortunately this is beyond our control. 

You will still be very welcome to join CIIF and the inauguration of the European SME Pavilion. We hope to see you in December.

- The EU SME Centre 


Official announcement:

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