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Our Partners

  • AICE Associazione Italiana Commercio Estero
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    MoU partner

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  • Address:

    C.so Venezia 47 - 20121 Milano

  • Contact:

    David Doninotti, david.doninotti@unione.milano.it , +39 (0) 2 7750320 | 1 aice@unione.milano.it

  • Partner background

    Founded in 1946, AICE is an independent entrepreneurial association which represents and supports Italian companies dealing with international trade activities (both import and export) and interested in growing on foreign markets. Aice represents Italian companies that are committed predominantly to commercial activities abroad, as well as the services related to such activities. Membership is open to all companies resident in Italy and interested in international trade activities or that provide assistance to such companies in the promotion and furtherance of import/export activities (i.e. financial and logistic services, export credit insurance, certifications, etc.)

    Moreover, Aice supports foreign companies interested in the Italian market by assisting them in the search for potential Italian business partners *suppliers, buyers, distributors, and agents), offering a consolidated wealth of professionalism, contacts and knowledge.