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Can I register a company in co-working spaces / incubators?

In order to register a company in China, investors must provide an exclusive office address, which will be the company’s legal business address appearing on its business license. This means that investors must rent dedicated office spaces.

An exception may apply for new start-ups. Following the growth of entrepreneurs and start-ups in China, most co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators in China allow resident entrepreneurs to register a virtual company address within their facilities – for modest fees compared to other office buildings.

Taking as example The Lab, a landing platform for foreign start-ups and international entrepreneurs launched by Innoway in Zhongguancun, virtual company registration is one of the services provided (together with other services such as accounting, legal consulting, entrepreneur visa, matchmaking, etc.), for an annual fee of 10-15k RMB (around 1.5-2k EUR).