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FACCSA - Accessing Commercial Meat Industry in China

By EU SME Centre | Case Studies      02.07.2014     Tags: Food & Beverages

Frigoríficos Andaluces de Conservas de Carne, S.A.(FACCSA) is a Spanish company founded in 1820 and owned by the Soler family. It is in the business of processing, packaging and commercialisation of pork products. Until 1999, the company was selling only domestically. By 2014, about 50% of its production was exported, including around 10% to China. This has been important to the company, not only for the amount sold but also because China demands some pork parts less demanded in most countries such as pig ears or noses.


In many ways, FACCSA is representative of the European meat industry’s structure, potential and challenges. This success story was built both by company efforts and the changes taking place in China.


In this case study, we will review how the meat market represents an important opportunity for EU SMEs by learning how FACCSA addressed the challenges and took advantage of the potential for success.

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