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Providing a coherent, consistent and consolidated voice for European small businesses.

Join the Platform and you will have an opportunity to:   

  • Receive updates on the issues that affect the regulatory landscape for EU SMEs

  • Participate in workshops and gain insights from policy insiders

  • Network with your peers and share best practices 

  • Feed into the EUCCC Position Paper

  • Influence SME related policies and regulations in Europe and China

  • Meet with Chinese and EU authorities

To receive updates from SME Advocacy Platform, register here on our website.

If you have any questions about the Platform, please contact Ms Ester Cañada Amela.

Inter-Chamber SME Working Group

Join the European SME business community in China and get up-to-date presentations on the regulatory, economic and social changes happening in China that have direct impact on SMEs exporting and investing in the market. Listen to common issues faced in the market and contribute your experiences to help lobby European and Chinese policy makers.


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