Associação Integralar – PortugalFoods


Associação Integralar, PORTIC, a/c PortugalFoods, Rua Arquiteto Lobão Vital, 172, 4200-374 Porto, Portugal, Tel: +351 220 966 021


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Non-Profit Food & Beverage Association

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English , Portuguese

About PortugalFoods

PortugalFoods is a non-profit association, founded in 2008, recognised by Portuguese government as manager of the Portuguese Agrofood cluster. Currently, PortugalFoods has 190 members, which include SMEs and large enterprises spanning the entire value chain, as well as scientific and technological entities such as universities and R&D centres connected with the agrifood sector. These are the main exporters and innovative companies in Portugal, with strong contribution to the Economy, but PortugalFoods’ activity reaches the entire agrifood sector.

PortugalFoods is the umbrella brand for the Portuguese agri-food sector, presenting itself as synonymous of excellence, promoting Portugal, its products, its brands, and its companies with modernity in foreign markets.

PortugalFoods’ mission is profiled with the commitment to strengthen the competitiveness of companies increasing their technological index, promoting transfer, application, and economical valorisation of innovation-oriented knowledge, as well as by empowering companies for international markets and by identifying business opportunities. PortugalFoods activity is mainly based in the work developed by Knowledge Division and Market Division. Knowledge Division has three main areas of activity: PortugalFoods Observatory, R&D projects support and Ecotrophelia competition. Market Division focus is to increase Portuguese F&B exports, by empowering companies, through promotion in external markets and by capturing business opportunities.