Opportunities and Challenges for Czech SMEs in China’s F&B Market

  • Date
    28 June 2024
  • Brussels Time
    10:00 - 13:00
  • Location
  • Venue
    Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic Tesnov 65/17, 110 00 Prague 1
  • Open to
    All Czech SMEs
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To gain a foothold in China’s food & beverage market, Czech SMEs have to navigate complex import procedures and food safety regulations, among other challenges. However, opportunities for growth are significant, in a market with a high number of middle-class consumers interested in Western food products. Czech beers and wines, celebrated for their quality and tradition, have a potential advantage as Chinese consumers increasingly seek premium and exotic beverage options. Similarly, dairy producers, particularly those positioned as healthy or organic, can tap into the rising health consciousness among Chinese consumers. By focusing on these areas, Czech SMEs can leverage their quality and other strengths to penetrate and expand in the competitive Chinese market.

In order to support Czech enterprises interested in accessing this market, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beijing, and EU SME Centre are organising on 28 June a conference aimed at shedding light on the Chinese F&B market and its specificities.

Agenda (Prague Time)


Opening remarks
Introduction by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic
Introduction by the EU SME Centre


Presentation of the post-COVID Chinese F&B market
Daniel Pedraza, Project Director, EIBENS
This presentation will cover the following topics:

  • General analysis of the F&B market including its current trends, challenges and opportunities;
  • Assessment of specific sectors of interest (dairy; beers and wines);
  • Key marketing concepts;
  • Recommendations for first time exporters or exporters with a low level of experience (this is the expected key audience, should the partners identify a different kind of attendees this focus can be changed);

A Q&A session will be included at the end of the presentation.


Overview of the CIFER system and recommendations for trade fairs participation
Alessio Petino, Business Advisor, EU SME Centre
This presentation will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of the GACC/CIFER system;
  • Common Issues faced by EU SMEs;
  • Recommendations for participating in trade fairs and exhibitions in China;

A Q&A session will be included at the end of the presentation.

Keynote speakers
Daniel Pedraza
Project Director, EIBENS

Daniel Pedraza serves as the Project Director at EIBENS, a firm that specialises in market intelligence and communication for the agri-food industry in Asia, with a strong focus on China. The company has offices in Beijing, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, and Madrid.

Daniel’s area of expertise involves assisting foreign F&B companies and associations with trade compliance, marketing, and communications in China. He also focuses on creating strategies for European agri-food sectors aiming to bring their products to new heights in Asian markets.

With more than eight years of living and working in China, Daniel brings a deep understanding of the market. Before this, he worked at the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China and EXTENDA, the trade promotion agency of the Government of Andalusia-Spain in Beijing. He has earned a master’s degree in international business from EOI Business School and holds a dual BA in Business Administration and Economics from the University of Malaga.

Alessio Petino
Business Advisor, EU SME Centre

Alessio has worked for 8+ years on various EU-funded projects in China, mainly conducting policy and regulatory analysis for European companies looking to enter or already in the Chinese market. Key focus areas: market access regulations and barriers, investment attraction policies, standards & compliance – with particular focus on R&D, tech & innovation.

Alessio joined the EU SME Centre in October 2020. He coordinates reports, guidelines and technical assistance to European SMEs; he also delivers training about different market entry approaches and engagements with China, opportunities and risks, as well as do’s and don’ts.

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