Mental Fitness for Executives, Leaders and Managers in China

  • Date
    12 May 2022 - 12 May 2022
  • Beijing Time
    3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Venue
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Your mind is your best friend, but it can also be your worst enemy.

“I will never succeed under these circumstances”, “Why don’t my stakeholders get back to me!!!” “Why do I have to do everything on my own!!”

Inner thoughts of frustration, anger, anxiety (“Saboteurs”) are voices in our heads that generatestress and negative emotions in the way we handle our work, and in our life. They sabotage our potential for both performance and happier life, and make the process towards success a hard one, both professionally and personally.

Such situations might be more frequent when working with cross-cultural teams or individuals in China. Common issues faced by European leaders and business professionals include how to manage a Chinese organisation or a Chinese team, being managed by a Chinese manager, or working with Chinese stakeholders; and vice versa.

The EU SME Centre and the Danish Chamber of Commerce in China are pleased to invite you to attend this interactive workshop on mental fitness for executives, leaders and managers of EU companies, during which leadership coaches Lena Hoerlyk Petersen and Eike Westerholt will train your ability and grow your capacity to respond to challenges with a positive mindset, rather than a negative one. And improve your potential.

Specifically, during this event you will discover:

  • What is holding you back – how you sabotage yourself, and what is causing this
  • How you can quiet negative, inner voices and get the upper hand in situations of stress, anxiety, frustration, and conflict.
  • How you can build mental strength and improve performance, relationships with people important to you in your business, and wellbeing at work and in your life.

You can find the recorded webinar on YouTube here:


15:00 – 15:10 Introductions

15:10 – 16:30 Part 1: What is mental fitness & how does it work?

16:30 – 16:40 Short break

16:40 – 17:50 Part 2: Explore your roadblocks

17:50 – 18:00 Conclusions

About the Speakers

Lena Hoerlyk Petersen – Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Cross-cultural Leadership, Mental Fitness Coach, PCC – CPQC – CPCC

Lena is a certified leadership performance coach and trainer for leaders in international, innovative and tech-driven industries. She helps them develop their potential, transform their relationships, and create high-performance results, while being the authentic leaders they wish to be.

Lena has 20+ years of corporate background in tech-driven innovative companies, and 10+ years of international experience working in China. She has been supporting European professionals and leaders, who work in China or work with Chinese, understand, lead, influence and manage individuals and teams with a Chinese background; as well as professionals and leaders with a Chinese background to understand, lead, influence and manage individuals and teams with a European background. To date, Lena has delivered more than 500 coaching sessions.

Eike Westerholt –Leadership Coach, Team Coach and Personal Coach, ORSC Practitioner, PCC – CPQC – CPCC

Eike is a dedicated leadership, team, personal coach and facilitator with 15+ years’ experience living and working in Germany and Asia. Eike came to coaching following a solid career in Sales, Project Management and Controlling in a multinational company. She is the founder of her company “Wen Eike Consulting Services Beijing, Ltd.” in Beijing, and has been based in China’s capital since 2014.

Eike‘s area of focus is in leadership, personal and team coaching as well as organizational development with a strong emphasis on the enhancement of self-awareness and values, conflict management and communication. In a process of co-creation, Eike empowers people to adjust to new situations and to manage stress and energy imbalance; she helps them connect with their own resources, live and lead with authenticity and purpose. Her approach to coaching mirrors her approach to an intercultural environment – creative, flexible, courageous, and adaptable. Her style is inspirational, intuitive, and supportive. Eike has worked with numerous clients in the automation, automotive, mobility and educational industries, small businesses and NGOs.

By the end of 2019, he has visited various beef and sheepmeat processing facilities in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ireland, France, etc. to help company build the business relations of beef and sheepeat trading successfully.

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