Effective Cross-cultural Communication and Negotiation Skills

  • Date
    10 April 2015 - 10 April 2015
  • Beijing Time
    9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Venue
    EU SME Centre Training Room Room 910, Sunflower Tower, No.37 Maizidian West Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 北京市朝阳区麦子店西街37号 盛福大厦910室
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About the training

Type: Full-day Capacity Training

Date: Friday 10 April 2015

Time: 9.00 am – 17:30 am

Location: EU SME Centre Training Room

Language: English or Chinese

This full-day training will give you the practical tools and will strengthen skills to overcome cultural barriers in the workplace, minimise cultural misunderstanding and build a stronger multi-cultural team to ensure your business in China is sustainable.

Why to attend

This programme provides Cultural General knowledge to help you understand the cultural impact on global business, as well as Cultural Specific knowledge about China in terms of culture, society, and business environment. It aims to enhance your overall cross-cultural competence and culture intelligence.

After completing the training, you will be able to:

  • Recognise different cultural patterns in the workplace;
  • Understand the impact culture has on your business management in China;
  • Learn the fundamentals of effective communication;
  • Adopt a model to effectively develop cross-cultural competence and skill;
  • Negotiate effectively in a multicultural business environment.

Who should attend

This training workshop is designed for the expats who are working in a multicultural business environment in China, and need to communicate and negotiate with people who are from different cultural background.

How it is organised

  • Session 1: Understanding Culture and Its Impact on Business and Communication – This session discusses the concept of culture, and how it will impact the way we work, communicate and negotiate, truly aware that culture matters in business world.
  • Session 2: Understanding Cultural Differences – This session will debrief the worldpass culture assessment profile, help participants understand cultural differences through 8 cultural dimensions, so to enhance cultural sensitivity and awareness while working in a multicultural business environment.
  • Session 3: Developing Cross-cultural Competence – This session covers a model on how to develop cross-cultural competence, developing right attitude, learning cultural knowledge and behaving properly in a multicultural business environment.
  • Session 4: Understanding the fundamentals of Positive and Effective Communications in a Multicultural Business Environment – This session covers the key elements in communicating effectively in a multicultural business environment, learning how to apply cross-cultural competence in communicating assertively and effectively in a multicultural world.
  • Session 5: Negotiating Effectively in a Multicultural Business Environment – This session will cover fundamentals of cross-cultural negotiation, exploring strategies in resolving conflicts

What’s special about this training

Participants will be asked to take a pre-course cultural assessment once registration are confirmed.

Worldpass assessment is a cultural assessment tool developed by 4stones to understand the individual cultural profile of participants and compare it with a typical Chinese profile, so as to see the cultural differences in term of Relationship with Each Other, Relationship to Business and Relationship to Time, and better understand how to bridge and reconcile the differences between European and Chinese culture, or vice versa.

How to register

Standard fee: 2500 RMB/per person

Discounted price 2200 RMB/per person is available for Members of the Centre’s official partners – Upon registration, please indicate which chamber of commerce or trade promotion organisation you are a member of.

To register, please contact Erica Lin:

Tel: +86 (0)10 8527 5300 – 318, Email: erica.lin@eusmecentre.org.cn

Please register in advance, walk-ins will not be accepted; Limited spots are available and attendance is given on a first come first served basis.

Meet the trainer

Donny Huang

Managing partner of 4stones Cross-Cultural Consulting Group (www.4stones.net) and specialising in cross-cultural consulting, global leadership training and cross-cultural executive coaching.

Donny is regarded as one of the top cross-cultural specialists in China by the Chinese media and has been named one of the 50 Human Resources People in China in 2007.

As an executive coach, Donny has coached many senior executives in China such as Head of Mobile Device North Asia, Motorola, General Manager – Marketing -Greater China, Microsoft, CFO Agilent China, etc.

Starting his career with Standard Chartered Bank in China and Hong Kong following his MBA, Donny moved on to serve as International Operations Supervisor and Representative for Allied Domecq Retailing International, the parent company of Baskin-Robbins and Dunkin’ Donuts. He was VP at Datahouse, an established Honolulu-based management and technology consulting company and then Managing Director of Pilot Marketing Management Consulting Co. Prior to founding 4stones, Donny was Vice President of Sales & Marketing for a Canadian publicly-traded company.

Donny taught Intercultural Communications at Chaminade University of Honolulu, Peking University, University of International Business and Economics -Beijing (UIBE), and the Economics and Business School of Tsinghua University. He was also adjunct faculty at the Japan-American Institute of Management Science (JAIMS). He published over 30 articles, contributed to Managing Cultural Difference (Sixth Edition) by Dr. Robert Moran, a book chapter in 2010 Pfeiffer Leadership Development Annual Book, and also co-authored “Global Mindset Leadership”, which published in USA in Feb 2014.

Donny holds an MBA in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, Arizona, USA, and did graduate work on Cultures and Leadership at the East-West Center in Hawaii. He also completed the Intern Program of the Intercultural Communication Institute in Portland, Oregon. Donny was Vice Chair – Asia of Thunderbird Global Council, a group of senior executives in the world advising Thunderbird School of Global Management, and a committee member of 2005Committee, an influential returnee community in China. He speaks fluent Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

Mattia Marino

Senior Professional with more than twelve years of consistent experience in providing advice to European and Chinese enterprises for cross border operations.

He also developed relevant expertise in supporting European firms and institutions in setting up operations aimed at attracting inward FDIs, organizing top level economic forums on economy, finance and management issues both in Italy and in China.

Mattia is CEO of Ambrosetti (Beijing) Consulting Ltd from January 2010 and, before that head of Shanghai office since March 2005. Before moving to China, he was head of the China desk at TEH-Ambrosetti headquarters in Milan where he started his career in management consulting.

Mattia holds a Degree in Management from L. Bocconi University of Milan, majoring in Internationalization strategy with particular focus in China Equity Joint Ventures. He speaks Italian, English and Chinese.

Testimonial from past participants

  • “…insight I got from the program helps maximize my potential in my company” Principal Scientist, Pfizer.
  • “…any expat needs to take the program” Senior Manager, SAP China.
  • “…very effectively linked Chinese history and culture to the needs of leading and running a business in China, I have already recommend the service to others in our company” General Manager, Alcoa.
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