Access to Chinese Market via CBEC (Cross-Border E-Commerce)

  • Date
    06 April 2020 - 06 April 2020
  • Beijing Time
    All Day - All Day
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E-commerce is playing an increasingly significant role in cross-border trade in goods and services. In 2018, the value of China’s cross-border e-commerce trade in goods was around 134.7 billion RMB, of which 78.58 billion RMB was from import. Currently, Chinese cross-border e-commerce is growing at an estimated annual rate of 20-30%.

For SMEs, cross-border e-commerce platforms have become increasingly important venues for accessing global market, because of a much lower entry cost associated with capital investment and human resources, as well as greater opportunities to expand customer base comparing to traditional international trade.

However, in certain markets, regulatory requirements regarding cross-border e-commerce fail to keep up with the dynamics and trends of e-commerce in terms of their efficiency and effectiveness, posing substantial challenges for a more positive role for the Customs, hindering economic growth, and compromising the competitiveness of nations.

Having taken effective measures, such as streamlining procedures for revenue collection, platform interfacing, etc., to support the growing cross-border e-commerce flows, China has become a “role model” for trade facilitation with regard to cross-border e-commerce, which helps China become the world’s No.1 e-commerce market.

In this webinar, Forest Wong (Lawyer of DHH Law Firm, specialized in CBEC) explains the opportunities and challenges for EU SMEs with regard to cross border e-commerce.

Key Contents:

  • What is CBEC?
  • Why CBEC?
  • How to enter the Chinese market via CBEC?
  • What are the legal risks of CBEC?

About the Author

Forest Wong

Forest Wong is a lawyer and partner of DHH (Hangzhou) Law firm and has 18 years of experience at China Customs Hangzhou. His expertise lies in laws and policies on customs and CBEC.

Since he practices as a lawyer, he has provided legal services to a number of CBEC enterprises. He is also an expert member of the Hangzhou and Hunan CBEC Association.


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