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Brazzale Group & Jikang Food Co Ltd: Cheese Production in China

By EU SME Centre | Case Studies      27.05.2018     Tags: Food & Beverages

Brazzale Group is a family-owned company. Brazzale family has been operating in dairy industry since 1784 and represents the oldest Italian company in the sector. The Group entered China in 2013 buying an existing small factory producing natural fresh cheese based in Beijing. Beijing Jikang Food Co Ltd now operates as Brazzale’s subsidiary.

Facing many challenges and seizing the opportunities in the Chinese cheese market, Jikang Company has developed a successful business that has now been running for five years.

The strengths of the company are its continuous quest for high quality and innovation and its adaption to the Chinese consumers’ demands.

Company facts

Type of business: Manufacturing, distribution, import and export of dairy products
Operation history in China: Five years on top of over 200 years’ experience in Italy
Company size in China: 25 employees
Target market: Food distributors, consumers, hotels, bakeries, restaurants, pizzerias 

This case study was carried out in partnership with the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC). 

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